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  • Dana Adams - Helpful for lice prevention

    Lice was going around my kindergartener's class. I bought this product as soon as the first couple of cases were announced. While it continued to quickly spread to many other kids, my son never got lice. While I can't say with certainty that this spray prevented him from getting lice, I think it definitely helped. I just sprayed it through his hair each morning before school. He liked the (strong) rosemary smell, and it left his hair soft but not oily.

  • Jared Adams - Did not work for me in North Georgia soil. ...

    Did not work for me in North Georgia soil. Didn't see one blade of grass and followed instructions to a T.

  • Kendall Albert - I loved this DVD

    As a lifelong Cleveland Cavaliers' fan, I loved this DVD! It gives a synopsis of the Cavs championship season from beginning to end, touching on the regular season and all rounds of the 2016 playoffs. It has a wonderful collection of season highlights and interviews with the players. The only thing that would make this better is if they had included a little more coverage of the celebration in Cleveland with the parade, etc.

  • michael - Girlfriend proof

    The original floor mats on the passenger side kept sliding forward and my GF kept getting the new floorboard dirty. These new floor mats stick to the floor and move on the passenger side maybe 1-2" max. Keeping it very clean.

  • Professor L - Khan You Believe It?

    First, potential buyers should be sure that they get the correct version of this product. When I first ordered it, the product that arrived was Plutonium, not Uranium. Well, let me tell you, Plutonium pellets and aluminum gas centrifuges do NOT mix! Boy, did we have a laugh over that little mixup; at least the survivors, I mean. Now that I reordered the product, destroyed the first facility, and ... well, the scientists are not a problem, I'm back in business!

  • Augie - Microsoft Access

    Purchasing through Amazon-dot-com has been a real pleasure. No strain - no pain. The Microsoft Access was needed to help carry out chores for a local club to which I belong. Shifting gears from the old Access XP to the new version 2010 takes a little work. I have a habit of falling back to old keystrokes or task selections, then finding out they don't "work that way" any more. As with any new, upgraded software it takes time going through the book to get checked out. Software works fine.