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  • L. Murphy - Cannot live without this.

    This is the best moisturizer I have ever used, especially for the cost. No more department store brands for me!

  • Charles Nichols - Useless

    Useless product as far as I can see. Had it for 2 months and haven't been able to make it work very well on Windows Vista. Bought a new Windows 8 system for it, and can't get the license transferred. As I say, useless, and very picky. Will not buy anything from this company again.

  • chui - I love this Charger

    I love this Charger. Between the two Battery Minders I have bought I have managed to recover almost 20 batteries so far. They are amazing. Some of the batteries have been almost 10 years old!!

  • Shaun B. - I think my wife is trying to kill me by blinding me and melting my brain

    My wife bought this, she made me watch it. I hate it. much. I work in a hospital, I also work at a fire department. bull crap is about neck high and the acting is about as good at the bull crap smells.

  • Richard S. Brookes - Shocking

    Worked right out of the box without having to adjust the tread, etc... Running on this will sometimes cause a static buildup and when you touch one of the handle bars it will shock the crap out of you, which will at least keep your heart rate up.

  • Spencer - Good Tasting BCAA Supplement with Added Beneficial Ingredients

    I really enjoyed using this product. The main thing for me regarding BCAA supplements is the taste. Many BCAA's products tend to be relatively the same other than the flavoring system. The Fruit Punch flavor of this product tastes good. I would not say it is out of this world, but it was very nice to drink during my workouts or even throughout my days. The thing that stood out to me with this BCAA supplement was the added Betaine, Taurine, Tart Cherry, and coconut water. Tart cherry is known to help reduce muscle soreness. I have to honestly say I noticed my workouts seemed to be better with respect to a decrease in muscle soreness during and after my workouts. The added coconut water was another beneficial part of this supplement. Being hydrated during a workout has its benefits as well. All in all, I would recommend this supplement due to the added beneficial ingredients as well as a good taste.

  • Joan F - NO savings! Bummed!

    I bought this thing because I was tired of paying for seltzer. I hoped there would be a savings and per the product specifications I believed I would get a savings eventually. NOT! The 60L carbonators barely last a month and I am making less than than 1 bottle per day. The refills cost about $20 (with tax/shipping) so each bottle of carbonated water costs about 75 cents... more that the cost of the a liter of plain seltzer at the supermarket. Yes, I do not have to carry home the soda, and yes, this is a green product. BUT the product description is false. The carbonators do not fill 60 bottles of more. NO WAY! I am not doing it wrong, it's just a lie. I may put the thing in the garbage.