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  • MR. Jonathan - Great Security For Desk + Laptops

    Download easier this year than any previous year. My 2nd computer had a problem, yet it was solved quickly by their Quick-Fix download. I like & use all the aspects that come with Total Protection. The complete virus scan does take a long time, so I now do that every 6 weeks with short scans in-between.

  • James - Works very effectively.

    This is the second spring I've had one of these. Using dry dog food I catch all the squirrels in the area I place it in. The most in one day so far is 21. I'm getting a second one for another area.

  • Devyniti - Allergic Reaction & Super Stinky!

    I wish I could have tried it longer but when I put it on, it caused my skin to feel a burning sensation. I thought maybe it was a combination of products that I may have been applying but it wasn't because I tried it for several times after that with nothing else and all resulted with the same burning. Not only that, this formula is the stinkiest product I've ever encountered and it makes me think that it's full of chemicals. Definitely only use it before bed because this will turn folks away.

  • RichD - Excellent! My wife takes every day now and has made her feel so much better!

    After her hysterectomy, my wife had an up and down hormone issue for 2 years including loss of energy and sex drive. After about 3 to 4 weeks of taking these, she's a new woman! Feels like her old self. She's terrible at remembering to take meds but not this one! Takes religiously daily for 90+ days. Just ordered my 4th bottle. Guess this will be a life time ritual now. Highly recommend this if you are having hormone related issues.

  • Bumblebee - Thick, rich, and nice herbal scent

    Wow, talk about mixed reviews! People seem to either love or hate this shampoo. I'm in the former camp.

  • Sandie - Liam and Elle

    Liam is the bookie with a heart, kind caring and a killer. Elizabeth/Lizzie/Elle is grieving the death of her father. I felt Elle's dad was reaching out from the grave to make sure she was taken care of not just fiancially but in every way by Liam. He knew Liam was a take charge kind of guy and would make sure Elle was looked after. Liam knew Elle and I think fell in love with her from all the stories her dad shared with him. Lots of sex and some mob type violence made this a really hot book. Very well written.