Arachnoiditis Foundation,diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the spine, failed back syndrome, postlaminectomy pain syndrome, abnormalities of the dural sac, complications from intraspinal injections and infusions and special expertise in arachnoiditis. - adhesive, arachnoid, arachnoiditis, back, chronic, failed, Fibromyalgia, lower, myelogram, myelography, pain, Pantopaque, paralysis, spinal, spine, stenosis, syndrome, lower back pain, adhesive arachnoiditis, chronic pain,

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  • Jnels - A little helpful

    I have a newborn that was put on antibiotics at 11 days old because he got very sick. He then became a more fussy baby with a ton of gas and pooped only once a day. I tried this for a week and noticed a little difference at night. He didn't seem to grunt as much. We switched to one recommended by our pediatrician however: biogia with vit d. I honestly think this one made his gas worse.

  • Chris A. - Hey, ya want some horse pills that only murder your stomach? Boy, are YOU in luck!

    Just about done my second month on this stuff and I think I'm drawing the line, there. My hairline has receded a bit in the last few years, but I still have a decent enough head of hair that doesn't seem to be thinning. So I was only concerned with whether or not this could fill in the spots near my temple. Rogaine sure as hell didn't do anything...

  • Taylor Hollar - but i love seeing Grey and Alex handle the new residents

    The newest residents do not impress me much, but i love seeing Grey and Alex handle the new residents. I love how the show and characters have grown, especially Grey. I miss McDreamy and i really miss christina, but i believe that the show is moving in the direction that it needs to. I really wouldnt change a thing. I give props to the writers. Its a tough thing to get rid of loved characters.

  • Heather Baker - Working great so far!

    I have never used anything like this before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I found it very easy to apply. I didn't notice anything right away. The more I have used this serum I am noticing that my lashes are getting thicker. I rarely wear mascara these days and I notice that my lashes do look good. I plan on continuing to use this because I love the results so far.

  • Cherry Cheep - Good for the purpose

    This has all the requirements. for the exam but one should remember that the information is a synopsis of what should have been learnt. Used in conjunction with the required textbooks, this package is good.

  • Jennifer - this won't work for thin hair like it does for thick hair

    I have long thick hair..and it helps make it stronger..and my hair is growing faster..this won't work for thin hair like it does for thick hair..not like u want it to anyways

  • Linda - So easy to use and it works!

    This is the only thing that works for my dogs. I've tried brushing but I'm not always successful in getting all their teeth, it's usually the top and one side because they keep turning their head. This quick and easy to put on your fingertip and rub over their teeth and gums. Their breath is also so much better