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    I bought this vacuum over a year ago because I wanted a good vacuum but am on a student budget. Let me begin by saying that it is indeed a good vacuum; it's easy to empty the dust cup and relatively easy to clean. It has a small cleaning head which some don't like but I wanted that so I could get into narrow spaces. It is lightweight (which was important for me because I am very petite), has several nozzles and brush attachments, and most importantly it has very good suction.

  • meltill88 - Works really great!!

    I bought this product close to a month ago for my yorkie. He is only a little over a year but I started seeing plaque build up on his teeth and started worrying about how expensive dental teeth cleaning would be at the vet. I'm a college student so i'm always worried about money. Anyways I went to my local holistic dog food store and asked if they had doggie toothpaste and toothbrushes. They recommended this product and I thought great, my yorkie is super hyper and a pain he'll never let me brush his teeth but maybe he'll let me put this gel on his teeth. Although it takes some determination we use this every night except for a few times and I truly think I have seen results. His teeth weren't too bad to start off with but I definitely have seen some reduction in plaque on his canines and i'm pretty sure his molars aren't as bad either. I would definitely recommend this product because its super easy to use and all you have to remember is no food or water for 1 hr before and 1 hr after.

  • Casey - Healthly Eyes for Postmenopausal and More...

    After being diagnosed with a slight astigmatism, I decided to look for a good Lutein combination formula supplement. Most multivitamins only contain .25 mg per tablet. Research I've found states when we consume 11.7 mg of lutein it may possibly reduce ones risk of macular degeneration.