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  • Vizo Reviews - Awesome!

    A little about myself, I do not know much about playing guitar. I know some chords, I can play bits of popular riffs, read tabs, etc.

  • M. A. May - Common sense info, highly overpriced, poor customer service

    My 60+ mother sadly purchased this program at an exorbitant price and gifted it to my husband and I for tips to help us parent our teenage son to treat his younger sister more kindly. My heart sank once I heard how much she had paid, but figured we'd give it a go. A lot of the program seems very geared toward kids with major behavioral issues, problems at school, or ADHD conditions which didn't really apply in our case, so we didn't find it that useful, aside from some common sense parenting techniques that could be found much cheaper elsewhere.

  • Nancy - Beautiful ornament! I received it quickly and it was ...

    Beautiful ornament! I received it quickly and it was securely packaged and arrived safely. I love this ornament series - this is the fourth year.

  • Wee Betta Fish - Good little travel item

    I bought this for travel because some places I go to don't have good coffee, or its super expensive. I also prefer a light to medium roast, and really hate the dark roast stuff (Starbucks). This is a super convenient way to make coffee one cup at a time, and clean up is super easy as well. Normally, I use my Keurig with the reusable k-cups and fill it with whatever ground coffee I have. This thing has the same tastes, but a tad lighter in flavor. I think this is really good for traveling and also those who don't drink coffee regularly but enjoy a cup once in a while and don't want to invest in a big machine. It's so small, storage is no big deal.

  • Sara - Recommended.

    So far it has been a good 3 nights since using it without any bites. Hopefully this is it. I'll continue to do sprays probably once a week just to make sure.