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  • C. Anderson - Excellent

    This is a quality product. It's lightweight, comfortable, sheds rain well, and you can wear it just about anywhere.

  • ChampagneTahoe - Nice

    It is lightweight and easy to push. Very easy to assemble. Love the blue color. Nice big basket for shopping. And it folds to a nice compact size.

  • Lisa Evans - Disappointed

    This new version has let me down. I was anticipating its release with great excitement as my family has enjoyed 3 and 4. The song selection is poor with more sings with lewd lyrics. The coriography is less danceable and seems too simple and not as fitting to the music. The costumes are more revealing as well. Overall I can say after trying to get into it by playing it a half dozen times that it will be sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

  • JayeJ. - Controls cravings

    I mainly use this to control what seems to be an unquenchable appetite. Admittedly my relationship with food is not the most healthy~ I'm the definition of an emotional eater (stress, boredom, happiness, any excuse). However, I am not overweight by any means and I had a fairly active lifestyle. I eat healthy but in large portions and would get hungry again right afterwards. Now that I sit at a desk for 12 hrs/day, but my appetite remained the same, I started noticing myself putting on a few extra lbs. When I used it as directed (at full strength of 3 before each meal), it really helped me to feel full more quickly and during the time between meals, I was less inclined to have cravings. Before I realized it, I was naturally eating smaller portions. Also, I HAD ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. In the category of diet pills, that is a HUGE plus! When I took hydroxycut I would feel nauseous and thought my heart would pound out of my chest. So, how much weight did I lose from Garcinia Cambogia? 5 lbs this past month! I'm pretty happy with that. Slow and steady and permanent (as opposed to water weight). I believe I could have lost more but I was very inconsistent with the pills in the beginning and because I have a very erratic eating schedule, but no matter due to Nature Wise's complementary bottle!