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  • A. Scarpero - Use with caution

    This product works specially if you are young and your teeth are not terrible stained by age, coffee, tea and other agents.

  • Richard Irizarry - Encyclopedia Britannica 2012 DVD

    Outstanding resource suitable for all ages. I bought the Encyclopedia Britannica 2012 DVD for my granddaughter (6 years old) and she loved it. Easy to load onto the computer--several options where you can load the whole DVD onto the computer or choose to open the encyclopedia when you load the DVD; either way, it is fast. Would recommend to anyone.

  • S. Elgood - Promotes and sustains facial hair too!!

    Fantastic product. Have been applying this to little Abigail's head for just over three months and now she has a full, wavy beard all the way down to her Pampers! We tried feeding it to her as well, but she still prefers mashed apple and banana.

  • Amazon Customer - Saved my life

    I was in a crash this past weekend that involved face-planting into a guard rail. I got up (a bit scratched and full of road rash) but I had no head injuries at all--to the surprise of other cyclists that rushed over to help me when they saw the crash. When I got home I looked at this helmet and saw that it was CRACKED right where the side of my head went into the guardrail. Now I know why the other cyclists were freaked after they saw that! But I was absolutely fine without even a concussion (I went to the ER just in case). Everyone was amazed I was walking around without any problems. I immediately placed an order for a replacement because I was so thrilled with how it protected me. I would recommend this to anyone. Nice and light--fits well, and literally saved my life. PS--I am a female and the Medium size fits me very well--hair braid and all.

  • Kenny Yu - Good for mild symptoms

    I use it for nose congestion due to allergies. I have timed its effects: it take effect in 30 minutes, but the effect dies off in 4 hours. I may need to take a few capsules a day. When the allergies is really bad - the nose is more than 70% congested, it is not strong enough then I have to add allegra.

  • yogagirl13 - Love it!

    Love eminence! Lasts forever and you literally need a tiny dot of facewash to cover your entire face and neck! I've loved every eminence product I've gotten so far :)