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  • Bklynspice - STANDING OVATION

    This is one of Latrivia's best work, and I give her a standing ovation for this one. I was so into this book that I hated to put it down just to get off my train commuting home from work. And when I say "put it down" , I realized that I lost my tablet ! Holy crap, however I had a old kindle to continue with at home. Although I was a bit upset, still I had to finish reading this book. In which the next day I reported it lost, and had to reset my passwords for many apps on the damn thing.

  • Misty - Great product!

    I bought these Transformation diet drops after researching Nutrimost. After finding out that Nutrimost was going to cost me close to $2, 000 and that they use drops very similar if not identical to this product, obviously this was the better deal! I don't need to pay $2,000 to be put on a 500 calorie a day diet, I can do that on my own. The first week I got these drops I did lose .5 a lb to 1 lb a day. I then didn't take the drops for a few days and my weight loss stopped. I have to believe that it is not a coincidence that I was losing weight while taking the drops and my weight loss stalled when I stopped. I have not noticed any adverse side affects and the drops barely have any taste. Also very satisfied with the seller, the product arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

  • pahuntr - I really like this beard oil seems to keep my beard softer ...

    I really like this beard oil seems to keep my beard softer and more manageable. I hope they offer a scented oil eventually but will keep purchasing this for now. The dropper/lid is a very nice option for dispensing the oil.

  • ac4warrior - Having been totally in shape, and totally out of shape, this game is perfect for anyone

    I've been on both sides of the spectrum, athlete/military shape and total couch potato working up, this game has stuff for the complete range of different fitness levels people are at. If you are starting from pretty much zero they gradually work you up with pretty good exercises and bursts of sprinting during the runs to get your heart rate going. I started out not even being able to finish the first Run exercise to finishing the first and working on the second. Totally 100% excellent game IF you have the motivation to get in shape, you can't beat this game.

  • Micki Waddell - It really is "liquid gold!"

    The Acure certified organic Argan Oil is the most amazing thing I've ever put on my face. I have acne scars and am still prone to break outs in my late 30's. The anti-inflammatory properties of the Argan Oil have minimized break outs and if I do get a blemish it generally disappears overnight. My scars appear less dramatic and I have received so many compliments on how good my complexion looks!

  • Da Gara - Absolutely love this stuff

    Absolutely love this stuff. It leaves my hair so soft and even this smaller contained lasts me a few months. I try to use 2 times a week and that is more then enough to keep my hair feeling and looking super healthy.