Anne Vitale PhD explains Gender Dysphoria, Gender Identity,transition,transsexual,transgender and crossdressing. - gender Identity,MtF,FtM,gender reassignment,trans,transwoman,transman,what is gender dysphoria,cross sex hormones,GID,cross dressing,transsexual,treatment,what is transgenderism,Anne Vitale,The Gendered Self

  • Psychologist explains transgenderism, transsexualism, crossdressing and gender role transition, - Crossdressing, , transgender, Transsexualism, Gender Dysphoria, Gender Identity Disorder.
  • Crossdressing: A Significant Other View Index page - Julie Freeman, the wife of a crossdresser and host of a significant other support group writes about the effect a crossdressing husband has on family, friends and work.
  • Resource Links for transgender, transsexual and crossdressing - Resources regarding Cross Dressing, Transgenderism, Transsexualism, Gender Dysphoria, Gender Identity Disorder,FTM,MTF
  • Transgender resources for friends and families - Links for crossdressing, transvestism transgendered and Gender Identity Disorder.
  • Telephone/Skype consultation for individuals struggling with transsexualism, gender identity disorder and crossdressing - Skype Consultaion for individuals dealing with gender identity and transsexual issues.
  • Telephone SKYPE consultation for therapist regarding gender identity, crossdressing, transsexual and other gender issues - Telephone/SKYPE consultation for therapist regarding gender identity, crossdressing, transsexual and other gender issues
  • Rethinking the GID terminology in the DSM IV - An argument in favor of removing the GID designation in DSM IV and replacing it with Gender Expression Deprivation Anxiety Disorder.

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  • Ryan - Doesn't work for Graco Snug ride Click Connect.

    This adaptor doesn't work for Graco Click Connect, you have to get the adaptor for the Chicco baby seat. Go to the BOB website and look under the Chicco adaptor, which doesn't make any sense to have to look there but it states it. We also called BOB to confirm before purchasing. We received it and it works great.

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    Pretty much has most everything you really need to know. Doesn't cover in detail some of the more technical issues but a handy reference for basic things.

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    Jarek has lead a solitary life. All he has before him is duty, to his people, to his planet but not to himself. All of that changes when the ship orbits earth and the ujal delegation arrives.

  • ArtW - Good marketing, mediocre product

    Very disappointing product. I watched the video about Neverwet and got enthused enough to buy a kit. I used it on my kayak spray skirt, following directions. It certainly felt waterproof, and the first few drips off the kayak paddle did indeed roll off. The effect lasted for a few minutes, then the fabric wet through and the skirt continued to leak as it had before the treatment. In the past I have treated the spray skirt with a DWR finish in my washing machine, that works for a few weeks and costs a lot less.

  • Leonardo_de_Jim - I've been using QuickBooks since 1998 and I HATE QUICKBOOKS!

    Wow, what can I say. I've been using QuickBooks since 1998 and I HATE QUICKBOOKS!!!! If there were some reasonable alternative I would be gone.