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  • Why Tough Love Has To Happen - As a parent, we want our children to be happy, to have the things that they want and to do the things that they would like to do. But, in the teen years, it is important to incorporate tough love into mix as well.
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  • Teen Depression: Is There A Hopeful Outlook? - Teen depression strikes one in five children. This is a very frightening number. Depression is anything but a good thing. It happens to anyone, in any lifestyle, in any income range.
  • Weight Loss And Depression: Hand In Hand - Someone who experiences depression can have it brought on by any number of things. It can be quite devastating no matter what causes it. It can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.
  • Looking For Depression Support Groups - For those who face depression, every day of their lives may seem like a struggle. A struggle to get up, a struggle to face the day and the people involved and it can be a struggle to make the most of the day.
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  • randi westphal - Very Little Writing About 'Travel'

    Disappointing. :-( I have read several of the previous editions of this book and loved them. But this one had very little 'travel' writing.

  • Moondoggie - Only software that removed Longfintuna malware.

    Longfintuna malware was on my laptop and would pop-up full screen adds to tempt me to click on it. I never did thankfully. It is a difficult malware to remove. Norton 360, Malwarebytes, & Spybot Search & Destroy all missed this malware. I decided to try Webroot and it seems to have completely removed Longfintuna malware! It has worked flawlessly along side of Norton so far. The software did a compatibility check prior to installation. Webroot is a great program/suite, and I since purchased a multiple computer upgrade to add it on my desktop computer. It automatically scans everyday and protects you in other ways too.So far I am very happy with this software!

  • Amanda M. - I didn't like using traditional traps because they scare my dog and ...

    We got these because we live in an old house and had trouble with mice in the colder months. I didn't like using traditional traps because they scare my dog and didn't want to use poison. They worked very well to keep them away but occasionally we'd have one or two mice over the three years that we've used them that didn't seem to really be bothered at all by them. It's way better than killing a mouse every day like we were before we started using them! Would recommend.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing first effort

    Just finished this book and I couldn't have been more pleased that I read it. While I do agree with another review that the characters need fleshing out, I think that this is an amazing work from a first time author. Some of the action scenes reminded me of R.A. Salvatore in terms of pacing and detail, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. There are some other things that I could mention, but they are really just things you would expect from a first time author. I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series and hope that they continue to get better.

  • larsen - Love this car seat

    Love this car seat. My son loves sitting up a little higher so he can see out and I love how safe it is.

  • kwmar - High rating for getting a cheap renewal by buying full version on Amazon

    As long as this type of renewal is permitted, I'll buy the CD/DVD, which is cheaper than Kaspersky's renewal rate and just use the license key. If others of you are doing this, don't invite trouble by trying to install from this disk if you already have the latest version. Just plug in the activation code. Don't click 'activate now' if your current license hasn't expired yet. You will lose days. The license automatically takes effect on expiration if you put in the code and just leave it alone. It worked perfectly on my 2 computers. One other warning: Be sure that it's less than 14 days until expiration before you type in the code. If it's more, you'll lose days that way too.