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  • Doctor T - You get what you pay for... Hope you are mechanically inclined and can finish putting it together!

    I needed a counter top hot plate since the apartment I am moving to doesn't have a stove, and I wanted one with the solid cast-iron top, rather than the "coiled elements" for easy cleaning. But since I don't cook very often I couldn't see spending a lot of money for one! When I opened the package and took it out of the box, I heard something moving around inside the unit! Of course I plugged it in... and it didn't work. Hmmm, "Made in China", why am I not surprised! (Great quality control Aroma!!!) So being that I fix mechanical and electrical products for a living, rather than send it back I disassembled it. Here when they put it together they just laid two of the wires inside without connecting them. So it wasn't hard to figure out, I just connected the wires where they were supposed to go, and presto, it works ok now. I look on the bright though, at least they put the wires inside the unit, and didn't omit them, as they are heat resistant fiberglass braided wires, and probably would have cost me more to buy them than the hot plate costs! I don't know how long it will last, but we'll see! If you're looking for one for everyday, or heavy duty, commercial use, save your money and buy a good one!

  • cathyc - That's why it's called The Best American Short Stories

    I am not a lover of short stories, but this book may change my mind. THis is the best of 2013 of course, so that may be why I like the book. The stories were picked because of voice, and I find that each of the stories voice is very distinctive. I think that most people will find the stories well-written and worth reading, no matter the subject matter.

  • Aristodemus - Nice product, weird smell

    4 pills every night and for a complete routine its 8 weeks/2 months on, 4 weeks/1 month off. First week I started to feel something, wether it was placebo effect or not, I liked it, workouts felt more fulfilling and I was more focused and determined, when I wasn't excericising and at work I felt good, no rage or anything. I didn't notice any hair loss (which is awesome) nor any bouts of "oh my god I must kill", there was an interesting smell in my sweat though, reading other reviews confirmed it, what I was sweating, what my girlfriend claimed, was maple syrup, not bad not good but different. Being the only "bad" side effect I noticed, I'll have to call a win.

  • timnew1111 - One of the two that I bought malfunctioned. I ...

    One of the two that I bought malfunctioned. I will send it back. I'll see how long the other works. I hope the replacement will work.

  • Mike - Don't waste your money

    I only gave it 2 stars because they looked good while they stayed on. I properly prepped the surfaces (removed all wax, dirt, bugs, etc) and within 2 weeks, they were peeling off. The car never even went through a car wash. So, if they would've stayed on, I would have given 5 stars no problem. I don't recommend this product if you want them to stay on your car...If you want good ones that'll stay, get them from