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  • PhilipGearSolid - NO ETA on HDR

    The second Sony listed feature for this TV's Amazon product page is "Enjoy HDR video... (update required for HDR compatibility)." And just recently on this TV has been renamed to X700D 4K HDR with Android TV, added to its list of TVs with HDR functionality, and HDR is now peppered everywhere its product page. However, to quote their site: "In order to watch HDR videos from Internet video services, the TV would require a firmware update via the Internet."

  • armyofsquirrels - Been Using K&N for years.

    I bought the car (06 Mazda6 with the V6) in 09 with 32K on it. I've been using these filters for about 2 oil changes after I bought the car. I use to use Fram that I would pick up at the local Walmart. After seeing videos of people tearing apart old filters on YouTube I decided wet "Cardboard" wasn't good enough. So I switched to K&N. The difference was noticeable to me at least, the car was just a lot smoother (sounds weird but it was). I usually pick them up at the Local Advance Auto and the Oil (Pennzoil Ultra 5W20) at Walmart. If you buy from amazon and purchase more then 2 its a good deal. At the time of typing this, it was 13.99 before Tax at Advance, and Amazon has them for $9.xx free shipping at 25$. Great Filter. Great Price at Amazon for those who Think Ahead.

  • todd dewey - Absolutely horrible. Should have just bought new

    Absolutely horrible. Should have just bought new. NOT REFURBISHED. Never worked right since installed. This is the second one iv bought and smae thing.

  • Mira - Cute

    Really funny cute book. Great for kids who need reminding of dads super awesomeness haha. It would be. Good book for dads who travel a lot and like to read to there kids

  • Martrek Wingo - Natural Test Booster

    The key here is the ingredients. They pack a lot of natural herbs that really get the job done. This product seems to make recovery time after workouts (sore muscles) faster and easier to stay in single digit bodyfat numbers. For building muscle I am a living example that products like these can get the job done.