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  • MrsSSG - Amazon won't except as a return because its a "hazardous material"

    These stink! I have these scents from another company. I was looking for a cheaper replacement alternative. This isn't it. And I can't even send them back. Amazon won't except them as a return because they're considered a "hazardous material"! Sounds like something you want to put on your skin, right?! I hope my garbage man enjoys them because they're going in the trash.

  • Jason W. Mckinney - I haven't read a lot of the Best Short Stories collections

    4 1/2 stars. I must admit that I'm shocked at the amount of negative and underwhelmed reviews of this on GR. I haven't read a lot of the Best Short Stories collections, but I thought this one was pretty close to perfect. There are a bunch of highly entertaining stories here...standouts include:

  • R. Beck - Excellent mesh WiFi network!

    Excellent! I live in an old home with lots of thick walls that are made of plaster. I picked up a $300 Asus router thinking it would reach the entire house. Nope! When I would go down just 1 level to the living room, our Amazon Fire TV box would show a signal strength of just 1 or 2 bars. Now granted the videos played just fine, but I'm a WiFi nut and want 4-5 bars throughout my entire house! LOL :-)

  • Travis - Bad luck... I think?

    This motherboard looks great. This board feels like it's worth something. The bios is easy and nice. Though it's killed 8 opperating systems. This board refuses to shut down. On Windows 7-10 32 and 64 bit it won't shut down. To turn it off you have to kill the power, even just restarting it the board is slow and sluggish. Upgrading from z97 where my RoG board booted in 18 seconds from being off this board takes about 30-40. It really isn't ever the same. I can't even turn the power onto my power supply and keep the computer off, it refuses to stay off if it has power. Its really disappinting to see EVGA do this to their motherboards when I have been using their graphics cards for years. I even tried a bios flash with no luck. Be warned this board won't let you boot and it even killed a controller on my intel 730 ssd, it was working fine, tried to boot Windows 10 (already on the drive) booted up worked perfectly fine. Went to get off and shut down and it wouldn't. It just sat in a state of fans and all still on but monitors off. So I couldn't get it to do anything and turned it off manually then back on and took me to bios and it didn't recognise my ssd. Threw it in another system and it didn't show up in disk management. Went into command prompt under disk part and it doesn't show up, so be warned. I gave this board 2 stars because it feels like it's made of amazing material I just feel it needs to have a better bios or something because this issue can cause a failed processor and the cheapest processor for this board is 400? No thank you on losing that. Or the people with titan xs or 980s it could kill those. Also go address the other guy saying his reset light was blinking. Mine does too EXECPT when I'm in Windows installer. That's the only time it didn't blink on me. Another thing to mention is I would power the board off by cutting the power and a few lights were still on. This could be from the capacitors or a number of things just felt it was worth mentioning as well. Sorry EVGA you just lost someone who bought you as a credible motherboard brand. Back to ASUS or MSI I go.

  • Sarah Brownell - Fabulous informative book on a very important topic

    I am studying this book thoroughly and plan to follow it to the letter once I am fully informed. I was a heavy user of many antibiotics from age four throughout my life (I am 63) starting with treating bladder infections about every 2 months due to sexual abuse which NO ONE suspected. As a result, I lost my ability to make an important probiotic: oxalobacter ferminges. I developed kidney dtomes made of oxylates and even had to have a kidney removed. My nephrologist put me on a "low oxylate diet" to "save my life" and now I know that diet caused malnutrition and multiple other problems. I think my problem is systemic candidiasis, and if I explicitly follow this book I can cure myself AND become able once again to manufacture my own oxalobacter ferminges and stop having kidney stones. I am a true victim of the Western medical system and have hope I can beat this condition in the nick of time. Hope with me, please.

  • Jackie Dearden - Works great

    My 2013 Jetta didn't come equipped with a backup camera so I bought this one and had the dealership install it and it works great.