Biocon - India's largest biopharmaceutical company - Biocon is an innovation led fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that has developed affordable biosimilars, novel biologics and complex APIs. Leader in fermentation based biopharmaceuticals. Global scale manufacturing set up for biologics, biosimilars. High end scientific talent, research and development infrastructure. Largest Indian insulins company. Rich pipeline of biosimilars with nine products and novel biologics at various stages of clinical development including a high potential oral insulin. Novel Biologics, Biosimilars, Fermentation based APIs, statins, Tacrolimus, Sirolimus, Everolimus, Human Insulin, Glargine, Immunosuppresants, Monoclonal Antibody, Recombinant Proteins, Generic formulations, Trastuzumab, Itolizumab, Nimotuzamab, BioMab EGFR, Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology Company, EGFR, GCSF, Fermentation, Orlistat, Insulin Lispro, Peptides, Insulin Aspart, diabetes, cancer, oncology, autoimmune, breast cancer, head neck cancer, psoriasis, chronic disease

  • Biocon Products & Services - Biopharmaceuticals, Licensing, Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing & Research Services - Biocon's impressive range of products and partnered services include biopharmaceuticals, licensing, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and research services.

    Country:, Asia, IN

    City: 72.8258 Maharashtra, India

  • Amazon Customer - I returned it

    I use Quickbooks and love it, but this payroll charges a fee each time you pay your employees. That is not true if you only have one employee, and the fee is small, but I cant have that kind of hassle. I am paying a one time yearly fee instead.

  • Amber368 - I use this product in my children's room to keep ...

    I use this product in my children's room to keep it fresh. My car has been smelling damp and stale after many trips to the beach this spring! I purchased this item to keep in my SUV and reduce the smell in the car. One tip of advice would be to not puncture the seal inside. I started to open it and then realized I was not supposed to break that seal, just toss the jug in your car or home and its ready to go!

  • QBee - I have used the Earthly Body's Argan Hair Oil for a few years now and loved it. I decided it was time to try ...

    I was very excited to receive this. I have used the Earthly Body's Argan Hair Oil for a few years now and loved it. I decided it was time to try out the rest of their products, and using my birthday gift card, ordered myself this set. Firstly, I received not a shampoo and a conditioner as advertised, but two conditioners. I was pretty bummed, and sent in a notice to the sellers, but received ZERO response back, and I wasn't able to return part of the package without sending it all back in, so I guess I'm stuck with it all. So that was a major disappointment, I wanted to try the shampoo. Secondly, the conditioner is REALLY thick, like takes 5 minutes to rinse it and it still feels greasy thick. So I have not one but TWO bottles of conditioner I won't be using.

  • Goodwood - Works great and smells good

    Works great and smells good. like it so much I have ordered the big one to refill this one. I do not have to worry about making my pets sick.