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  • Brian Foster - Defective Out of the Box and Weak Tech Support!

    I had high hopes for this device but never could use it in the wireless/battery mode. If I used an AC adapter (which I had to provide since iHealth does NOT include one) I could usually get a reading. But that's not why I bought it and it was inconvenient having it plugged into an outlet. After reading over the owner's manual, which is so brief it is not much use, I emailed iHealth support and received a prompt reply. Unfortunately the support person was quite ineffective and did nothing to solve this problem until I asked her on the 4th email if the cuff's battery could be defective. She then concluded that this was the case and suggested I return it for an exchange.

  • K-Heart - Restores softness to hair.

    I bleach my hair often and dye it fashion colors as the colors fade my hair tends to get dry and puff up. This helps with that. I rub it in my hair gets soft and I mean it's soft and manageable and straight. Smells great. I use two pumps every time and it's enough. I use after I straighten to keep is soft and sometime I use it on my wet hair to help deranged and keep it from frowing upas it dries

  • Valerie Frentz - WILSON! You will get attention.

    First off this is the coolest volleyball that you will ever own! Wilson will get a lot of attention people scream out WILSON! It's good in the water it's good in the sand I've had it for a couple months and it's holding up as if it were brand new.

  • Makin' Bacon - Best I've tried so far

    This stuff actually does what it says. I mean my skin does look a little 'stained brown' but it works! That is the point. I've done two layers so far and my boyfriend definitely notices a difference. The instructions say to put it on every day until you reach the color you want. However, I would suggest putting it on every other day. It seems like it takes 48 hrs for the color to fully soak in and develope all the way. Plus you don't want to shock yourself or anyone else from going so dark so quick. I use it on my face. The first day I used it my coworker could tell I had done something but couldn't put her finger on exactly what. She said I had a 'glow' going on. I told her it was self tanner and she was amazed at how even it looked. I use it all over. My face, neck, arms, legs, feet (sparingly), etc. I wait 48 hrs, shower and apply all over again. It didn't seem to come off much at all in the shower. I didn't see any 'tan water' going down the drain and I used a scrubber. It has NO smell at first but after the second layer it does have a very mild hint of tanning bed. My nose is extremely sensitive though. I can only smell it if I take deep breaths in but it's there. It also dries super super fast so as soon as you get it on your skin you need to rub in as evenly and quickly as possible. When it's dry your skin feels dry, not like it has lotion on it. So you don't have to go through the cold feeling of air hitting your damp-ish skin. I've tried a few self tanners and this one tops the charts so far. Shipping was fast, the product works and it's affordable. Will for sure order again when I run out.