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  • Daniel Reese - Very fast, very effective water filter

    Used this in Bryce Canyon last week. Worked perfectly. Much faster than my old water filter, and just needed me to put my weight on it. Seems like I get close to 1/2 liter of clean water in about 15-20 seconds.

  • Lindsey Currier - Terrible product!

    Awful! I opened up my kit and the "gel" was watery!! There's no way it will stay in the tray of it's watery. What a waste of money 😑

  • Amazon Customer - Missing the Andro Poppers

    the saying, "ya get what ya pay for"...seem be true in this case! True some cheap products are effective. I used take Androstat Poppers and in No time,,strength increased, energy went up, muscles began popping up...and when i didn't go workout...uhhh the energy surge was so intense..i had to go "Work Out" and she'd LOVE my stamina,,drive,,etc!! Let's just say i didn't know the meaning of "tired" anymore, in gym or ___!!! But this stuff,,nah,,i can't tell no difference! PLenty others swear by it,,that's what influenced me. I feel Nothing,,,i'm seeing Nothing!! and Nothing from Nothing, leaves Nothing!!! But with soooo many liking it, maybe it's just me and maybe my system don't work with it.


    Great game. Had enough modes to keep you and your friends happy to play with. Graphics are ok but everything else is awesome. Great music, great teams, great modes. If you never owned a soccer game this one will be perfect. Online gameplay is awesome too. This game is future proof. Many people will keep playing this game until the next world cup. The only game I usually play is fifa so I will be getting Fifa 15 on black friday for $30. I will play this game until then. But this game is good for everyone even begginers or causal gamers and advanced gamers. Because everyone who doesn't know soccer knows the countries and want to play with their national country. This game is future proof for 4 more years and will be well worth your money.

  • jbeardedman - Great width and foot shape

    I have neuromas and wide feet. These are the ONLY cycling shoes I can use. I really hope Shimano keeps making them. Bottom/sole could be a bit stiffer.