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  • Amzn Shopper - Just Like The Gym - Only Better!

    When our gym membership expired, my husband and I decided to purchase our own equipment. We researched treadmills for a couple of months before deciding on the Sole F80. Now that we've had it for a few days, I can easily see we made the right choice. It's very quiet and solidly built. As others have said, it is VERY heavy. We had 2 men here to meet the delivery truck. It was delivered by ABF Freight. The delivery driver was extremely nice and offered to help the guys bring the treadmill up the steps and into the house, something he was not required to do. After it was inside, my husband put it together by himself. It only took him about 20 minutes. Do be careful of the wiring in the handles. The way the screws go in, they could very easily get cut. My husband stuffed the wires down into the handles and put a piece of electrical tape over them. That worked perfectly to keep them out of the way. Something not mentioned in the description, or the manual we downloaded from Sole's website is that the treadmill has a jack to plug in your iPod (they even include the cable) and another jack to plug in your earbuds. It also has speakers. This is great for me because I don't like having my iPod clipped to my clothing while I run. Anyway, we are loving this machine!

  • Charles A. Sloan - One of the best research books on the market

    I have been using their reference books in my private practice for years. The contents are more easily found than other books I've used. Also its in a "language" that my clients can understand should I need to read a passage to them for explanation.

  • C. Panasik - Plan to retire in America? Read this first.

    Thinking American citizens should read this book. If you are gainfully employed and have children and are concerned about the direction of American society, you should read this book. Mr. Murray compiles a large number of charts and graphs showing the changes in our society over several decades. The direction is not good. Neither is the moral gap that is growing in our country.