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  • Kinetik Digital Non Contact Thermometer NCT1 | Clearance Items - The body's temperature is a good measure of general health. Changes in temperature, either higher or lower, can mean the start of an illness. It's particularly important to identify when a child is unwell. The Kinetik 3 in 1 thermometer will give you all the assurance you need to monitor your child's health and wellbeing.

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  • Mainer John - It's easy to install

    I've used Acronis for years and am a computer reseller. It's been my recommendation for backup on every PC I sell and that comes in to the shop for repairs. It's easy to install, runs quietly in the background and doesn't hog system resources. In case of hard drive failure, you just boot to the Acronis disc and restore the image from the backup drive to the new hard drive.

  • Jamie B - Sneaky Company, So-So Product

    My first complaint is in the company itself. I don't trust any company that feels the need to automatically charge you for their product, read your contract carefully, they'll charge you for 60 days worth of product after your 30 day trial. They are too worried about making it a sneaky purchase that they wont ask you what color worked best for you, so here's hoping they get it right. ALSO, their credit card form on the site does not have a SSL certificate meaning your card numbers are not safe while making your purchase. Moving on to the product itself: In theory I like it. It took a while for me to get used to it but once I did I could apply it somewhat evenly. The problem is that if you do your eye makeup (liner and mascara) after your foundation you now have empty splotches where you have touched your face, awesome. The whole process takes longer than my normal routine because of the constant washing in between colors but it seems to last longer throughout the day so that's good. The machine clogs even though I wash it consistently as instructed. I personally would not buy this again, it's going to be a $300 machine that sits on my shelf.

  • GaryG7 - Was good, but needs a few more features, now not worth it.

    Update as of August 11, 2015: I've used the bag about 15-18 times in the two years since I bought it. The clasp that holds the bottom of the right-shoulder strap to the bag broke yesterday. Due to the design of the strap and clasp, this is not an easy thing to fix so the bag is now useless to me. I've downgraded my rating to only two stars because a bag like this should be able to last longer.