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  • SmartLinx Medical Device Information System - Capsule's SmartLinx is the industry's first medical device information system. Unlock your medical device data with a powerful Healthcare IT solution
  • Medical Device Connectivity | Capsule - Capsule’s SmartLinx offers four medical device connectivity options to capture medical data throughout the healthcare enterprise and improve clinical workflow
  • SmartLinx Vitals Plus™ | Patient Monitoring System | Capsule - Vital sign monitoring, documentation, connectivity, and early warning scoring system - ALL in ONE device
  • Medical Device Integration | Capsule - Capsule provides medical device integration with a secure server software. Hospitals can adapt the data for clinical documentation, alarm management & more
  • Medical Device Data Analytics | Capsule - SmartLinx delivers valuable insight through healthcare’s only medical device data analytics solution. Data analytics help clinicians make more informed decisions
  • Remote Care Solutions | Capsule - 2net™ Platform and 2net Gateways Bridging Care Settings and Informing Care Our solutions are helping to improve care transitions, reduce readmissions, and enable scalable chronic care management models from hospital, to home, and at all points in between.  Our advanced 2net Connectivity Platform unlocks vital post-acute care data in near real-time, helping providers to manage patients with chronic conditions remotely, to focus resources more effectively, and to make informed interventions. 
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  • Delivering the Power of Medical Device Data | Capsule - Capsule is the leading global clinical data management company. Our SmartLinx Medical Device Information System unlocks the power of medical device data
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