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  • M. D. Moore - Fresh carbonation is the best carbonation

    This has encouraged me to drink more water. I don't really use this to create soft drinks. I have tried some of additives. I really like the grapefruit, and the sugarless drops that give various citrus tastes. However, I purchased this because I've found that just a spot of carbonation "spices" up the water so I drink more water-- the most healthy drink.

  • Karen Fanning - DELICIOUS!!!

    Snapple Apple has been my FAVORITE drink since I lived in the Boston area my whole life. It was only available at one store, very hard to find, but Oh, SO worth it!! I didn't realize when I moved to Colorado almost 8 years ago that I would have no access to my favorite beverage. I have begged stores here to carry place said yes, but they can't get it from the distribution center or some such thing! I went back home in 2011, and brought back 2 cases, but it doesn't last long in my house. You have to drink it very cold, and it tastes like a fresh, crisp, just picked red apple when you first sip it. It is not like any other apple juice or apple drink. There is a crispness to the ice-cold juice that is amazing. So refreshing, kind of sweet. I have since found it here on Amazon, thank goodness, and have purchased it once myself; my daughter also bought me some once as a gift. Nice daughter, eh?? Funny, though...when it arrived, it was shipped from the city back home where that one store was that carried it. Hmmm...small world, same Snapple!!


    Okay, so after moving into my new house I was hoping beyond all hope that my little pug wouldn't pee on the carpet. Well, here I am five months later and, low and behold, the little stinker strikes! So let me get to the point here. Nature's Miracle does work. However, it works at its best when used in the following manner. When your little pet strikes, take a few paper towels and GENTLY soak up as much of the pee as you can. Repeat this process with many paper towels until you have soaked up as much as you can. DO NOT RUB, DO NOT ADD WATER! Now get yourself a measuring cup, and here is why you buy the gallon sized. Pour between 6-8 ounces of the product over the spot. This is about how much pee comes out of a little dog, so you want to match that. Let the product soak in the spot and dry as long as it needs. Do not simply spray the spot, because, trust me, the pee HAS gone down to the pad, and a little spray will not do the job. Now, after the spot has dried, you may want to apply to spray, just for a little extra treatment. I had a 24 ounce spray bottle that I refilled with the gallon, but it left me with plenty to treat the problem initially the way I had described.