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  • Lugenia - This product does make your scalp feel good. I will keep using it to see if ...

    This product does make your scalp feel good. I will keep using it to see if it provides good hair growth.

  • naomi kliegl - experienced now brand kava user

    I have tried several brands of kava with only one positive response...for myself. I seem to benefit from the combination of ginseng and kava to calm in a manner that energizes as well. I find it particularly helpful in social situations as it seems to provide an increase n my desire to interact with others. I find it difficult to find and have to rely on the few sources that keep a supply in stock. I love the product but felt it took an unusual amount of time to receive my purchase from Amazon. I am new to the site and perhaps this is normal but I like to be able to predict the date of product reception with some assurance. Otherwise, Amazon is the my experience with the online ordering and I was actually surprised how easy the process was.

  • Laurie H. Boehm - terrific product

    I am very impressed. I tried traditional sprays but they smelled horrible and I was afraid of the affect on my pet. This product works very quickly, and the smell is actually very pleasant. I'd read about the heavy clove smell and expected the worst, but it's really light and not objectionable at all. Best of all, my pet is not irritated by the liquid and the fleas are gone with only 2 applications. You do have to rub it in on your pet to get the best effect. I'm very pleased.

  • P. Zheng - The gold standard of gaming mouse.

    I own the Mamba wireless and I have to say that this mouse is superior to the mamba in every aspect except for aesthetics and the lack of a dock. The clicking feels more responsive. There is no wireless mode stuttering. It is far more comfortable than the Mamba simply because it's lighter and results in less fatigue. I thought that the Mamba's ergonomics would be better but I was wrong. The ambidextrous design doesn't take away from the comfort of this mouse. The battery lasts ~50% longer than the Mamba, which is huge improvement especially when you consider the weight of G900 is much less. I'm not into the RGB craze so I turn all the lights off. But I feel like the Mamba, both with and without the lights, is more attractive than the G900, but that's just a personal preference. The only minor gripe is the lack of a charging dock for a mouse at this price point. However, given the choice between increased weight + charging dock vs. lighter weight, I would pick the lighter weight.

  • Pearly Elvira - very nice product

    My mom, sister and I follow this calendar and wear the witch color everyday. It's a fun thing to do together. - year 3 of the tradition, and going strong!

  • Chrissy Brogan - used scooter

    I ordered a new scooter but to my surprise when my son opened it the wheels were used and the base from someone grinding on it, very disappointed. Was very happy with return service from Amazon and very easy, just feel company should have inspected this scooter before sending it out.