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Country:, Europe, ES

City: -8.4068 Galicia, Spain

  • Sharon - Franklin International 5013 Titebond Hide Glue

    I HAD A VIOLIN PROBLEM. A String did not hold tight because of a thin crack in the neck close to the string. So I Took a toothpick and put this glue in the very tiny crack and clamped it together. The clamp was left on for a week.

  • Jessica - Very good.

    I am extremely happy with my purchase, visually pleasing design. The powerbank charges my phone very quickly, approximately 2 to 3 times faster than the standard plug in charger.

  • Christian J. Colton - Ignore the fan boys, this is a fundamentally boring game.

    This is an exceptionally boring game. Forget the tired, standardized dungeon-crawling storyline, forget the amateur voice work (seriously, did they actually pay these people?), forget the outdated graphics. The game play itself is unbelievably dull. The first few hours can be fun, but the honeymoon quickly wears off. The combat is point and click, occasionally pressing a few buttons for a special attack or a potion. Leveling up is relegated to only a few stats, with one only really worth upgrading for each class. Finding weapons and armor is amazingly uneventful. "Rare" items are barely any better than common ones, so you increase your character's armor and damage very slowly.

  • Margaret Lewis - ... product everyone says "wow your skin looks so natural… like you're not wearing any make-up"

    When I wear this product everyone says "wow your skin looks so natural… like you're not wearing any make-up". It adjusts to your exact skin tone. I'm sad they don't sell it at Ulta or Sephora any longer! But thank God for amazon!

  • Katrinka Solomon - Great product and loved the color

    I purchased this case because of the reviews. The day it arrived I did the tissue test (1 hour test with 2 coffee cups on it to keep it down and it past with no problem. Tissue test: Place a dry tissue inside the case and put in water, I placed 2 coffee cups on it to keep it down and let sit for an hour. Took it out and let it dry then took a paper towel and wiped it off. Took it to the river the next day and was able to use it all 5 days. I didnt have one problem, kept my phone dry.. not even a drop on the inside. I took pictures and videos while my phone was inside the case and they were as clear as if the phone was out of the case. I also took videos going down the river, small rapids and it did great. I would def. recommend this product. I could have sold these at the river, everyone wanted one. LOL

  • Hobbes - Died after a little over 6 months

    had this for a little over half a year and then it died. It was great while it worked but then it just wouldn't turn on today. I should have paid attention to the other reviews on this product warning about the product's short lifespan...

  • Maria - works

    i've taken a lot of biotin and nothing worked. since taking this supplement I see my hair getting longer. Already reodered. Works