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  • Amazon Customer - I received this order. which took forever. The ...

    I received this order.which took forever. The shoes were to big (about 2 sizes) and I'm in the process of trying to return them which has become very complicated.

  • Caz H. - Awesome, 75% less than their website price!

    Got the card a day earlier than anticipated and the code on it worked fine, the instructions were super easy and now I have another year of protection for my PC - it even let me simply extend the date ofwhat I had which expires in march 2014 - so I am covered to March 2015.

  • Brian E. - Tastes great and curbs your hunger

    Tastes great and curbs your hunger. The flavors get a little bland after 30 days so I do wish they had a few more choices in the flavor packets provided. Mixes well with various fruits and exploring different recipes helps. The only time I felt like I wanted to eat something more was if I ate dinner early and didn't go to bed for another 5 hours. Even then it was more of a desire to chew or crunch something and less of a hunger. Overall a great product.

  • Amazon Customer - We all love Rick

    Planning a trip to Spain and won't go anywhere in Europe without my Rick Steve's guidebook. Saves lots of time figuring out the places to go and things to do.

  • I Am Her - It's been 2 months butt got a little rounder

    I've been following the instructions, 2 a day everyday. It's been 2 months and I have seen a difference. Nothing spectacular (an earlier poster did say it would take 6 months to see a drastic change). For the HUGE, ENORMOUS, RIDICULOUS increase in the price from 50 something to 80 something, I will not be continuing with these pills. I think the price increase is just ridiculous and not worth it. I will continue the natural way and just do my morning runs and squats and stuff. If you feel like paying that much for these pills, for at least 6 months to see a big change, then go ahead. If not, then don't bother.

  • jasmine - okay product

    First i want to say this, this product does not remove corns in my opinion, it visibly reduces the look of them which is fine with me. I started use this soon as i got them they come in a a pack of nine with eight packages. I followed instructions on the package and removed them every 48 hours sometimes i remove them next day because they were coming off but when i took them off one day probably the fourth day wearing them one of the corns were already gone (well looked like they were till i looked closer) when i took the cushion off and the skin peeled off with it. This is my first time trying anything to remove the corns off my two middle toes from wearing tight shoes when i was younger. I am happy i tried this product, because by next week the rest of my corns should be visibly gone. YES i would recommend if you want to visibly reduce the look of the corns to where they will become unnoticeable.

  • D. Lyman - Hairdresser's Stash

    I finally found what my hairdresser uses. Each time I have a haircut she uses these amazing products. Not only do they smell terrific but the product leaves my curly hair manageable without flattening it out. I'd recommend any of the line.