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  • Amahra - and find it the best PM sleep aid of all the rest

    This product does what it says it can do, make you drowsy so you fall asleep, but not habit forming. Well, maybe psychologically. I've used it off and on for many years, and find it the best PM sleep aid of all the rest.

  • QUISMARY GONZALEZ - The Best for S corp and Personal Taxes too.

    I have used turbo tax for the last 7 years, personal and business, and last two years also purchased similar tax preparation products just to compare. This year I need no other product. In past two year it was proven to me that it is the best software product for tax preparation. However, I do recommend for all users to review the pub 17 issued by the IRS every year, that way you will be 100% sure that you are doing it right. So far in my last 7 years never had an issue, if any they just confirm what my pub 17 says and I follow the rules. I also recommend to read their questions carefully, to be able to answer them correctly.

  • Amanda Pieper - Maybe I'm just part of the <1%...

    Not thrilled with this test. I have been dealing with a short luteal phase so I've been charting my temps for awhile and feel quite confident about when I ovulated. When my period didn't show up at the regular time, 7 dpo, I started getting suspicious. At 13 dpo, I decided it was time and used one of these tests in the evening, figuring that if it can detect pregnancy 5 days before your missed period, I should be good. It came back negative so I decided to follow the instructions and test using first morning urine the next day if my period hadn't shown up over night. That test came back negative also. I decided that I must not be pregnant and that my period would surely show shortly. But it didn't. At 18 dpo, I was getting worried that there was something seriously wrong with me so I started doing some online research and came across a number of women who had poor results from this test. Since the box came with 3 tests, I decided to use the last one and, if my period didn't show by 21 dpo, I'd buy a different test and/or call my doctor. I didn't need to. At 19 dpo, this test showed a very, very faint line. I guess it's possible that I just don't have a high HCG level with this pregnancy, but over 99% accurate from the day of your missed period seems like a stretch to me. I guess someone has to be in that 1%, but I've never had a negative test after my missed period before. I will not buy this brand again.

  • J. Sosebee - EXCELLENT Rememberence

    This is an excellent dvd!! I was lucky enough to have been at the Ryman for this show last year, along with my wife and fellow BeatleBuddy, who was celebrating his 50th birthday at the show, whic was on Ringo's birthday as well. Amazing performance by this version of the All-Starrs....don't let this one pass you by..

  • 2boysandthatsit - Nice Color

    You do have to put a lot of coats on. It turns out to be a pretty green and its so cool in the dark. It glows really bright.

  • vashishat kumar - Work very good with roidmi Android app

    Meet the expectations. Work very good with roidmi Android app. So if someone has less quality of audio, install roidmi app on your pjone and it will much better audio quality.

  • Taylor Jacobs - I loved this whitening kit

    I loved this whitening kit. You get everything you need to whiten your teeth and then some. This product comes with two mouth trays, whitening gel, a blue light, and cotton swabs filled with vitamin e. The cotton swabs were what made this product over the top.