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  • Cristina Rich - I am not disappointed at all

    It is interesting to see how this doctor saw the nutritional deficienceis is animals and relates it to people. I found out he was right on several levels because I myself don't eat right most of the time. I am going to try some of the recommendations in this book. Either way this is a very interesting story that I am still reading. I am not disappointed at all. Now to try a healthy life-style for myself. Now I kind of know where to start.

  • Ida-Ho-Down - Good book but DO NOT go to Marakesh

    This is a good primer. No travel book can be-all-end-all but we felt it comprehensive even in places off the beaten track. Coincidence that many recommended Dar's and Ryads are UK owned from a UK publisher and UK writer? I don't know.

  • John Patriot - Overpriced hogwash, labelled "Hope"

    Used this product after seeing an infomercial and ordering on a late night where I was kept up from severe back pain. The spokesman/creator promised a lot, but after using for a month, I still had the same pain in my lower back.

  • bguz42 - beware think you get a new one..wrong its refub.

    total wait time for tec support one hour...learn to talk Indian because that's what you have to deal with. i have had it for 6 weeks and cant get it to work. they wont refund, so i have to send back at my own cost for a replacement. had plenty of bars but couldn't connect after days of working on it, time spent waiting for tec support unbelievable. have no choice but to try it gain when ever i get the next one.

  • Amazon Customer - Great cast

    I love the cast!!! Id watch almost anything with this crew but it was fun loving and cute. Predictable but liked it nonethless.

  • RachelD - Mr Beer Leaves You Wanting More

    First and foremost, let me say there is nothing at all wrong with the Mr. Beer Home Brew Kit. The two initial brews that come with (Blonde Ale and Lager) really aren't that great. Not terrible, but for someone who enjoys quality beer, it missed the mark. As of this posting, I have brewed two additional batches but have yet to open either of them because one is currently conditioning while the other is carbonating.