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  • Moyende Kamali - Over done!!

    No way! ...Well, let me say that I am a serious lover of TWD! That is/was my show! The TV show that I actually made time in my life to watch. Be that as it may, I am befuddled as to how one man can have so much power in the apocalypse. He, Negan, even has had people say that "Negan owns this, and Negan owns that." That's just unbelievable. Does he have a brain washing machine that they are going to reveal in the 12th season or something? What the?!?! I think the writing has gone south. Last, there is absolutely no way that Rick will ever succumb to this Negan guy as his owner. Rick is plotting his revenge. Again, stupid writing.

  • TheHandsomeDan - More fun than expected

    In the early 2000's, I was pretty intensely into Dance Dance Revolution. And when this came around, I rolled my eyes at the franchise as a cheap clone. Turns out this is actually a really well done title. My only real beef has been with the "sing along" mode. You can't turn that OFF, and it keeps detecting the games own music as perfect singing, which it then gives to player one. Player one will always win because of this. Period. Very annoying design flaw.

  • G_S_ - Fantastic for improving cognition and focus while dieting

    As someone on a large deficit diet, but working in a intellectually-demanding job, I needed a way to remove the cloudy-head syndrome that accompanies the caloric-deficit I'm on. This product is simply amazing. Just a few days of taking two pills a day, and I feel much sharper and focused.

  • Lady Spacetrash - Kind of an acidic, astringent, bubble-gum flavor.

    Looks great, but I could not say the same for the taste. My husband was so very disappointed. It's back to the drawing board.

  • HKinVA - greaT MAT

    The mat is nice and thick and works great. Doesn't seem overly heavy. Hopefully it won't wear out as fast as the thinner ones. I've had it for several months and use it daily. That's about all I can say about a simple mat.

  • Amazon Customer - Great ending.

    Great read Lucinda John I was so glad to see Macy and Robert get what was coming to them, Joie was one selfish b!+@# so you mad cause Maleek moved on shouldn't have been trifling at least Stacy was mature enough to move on. Happy endings for all the couples, great ending also glad Tiny's mother got herself together.