Irvine Compounding Pharmacy | Pharmaceutical Drug Compounding - Pharmaceutical Drug Compounding is the process of preparing personalized medications by hand, mixing ingredients in exact proportions prescribed by your doctor.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy - Hormone Replacement Therapy is the process of taking medications to replace the natural body hormones lost through aging, to correct an imbalance.
  • Pain Management Medication - Pain in daily life can have a huge effect on one’s body, over time. Pain management medication is compounded for you here at Irvine Compounding Pharmacy.
  • Pet Medication for Animals | Dog and Cat Medications - Pet medication for animals usually require a prescription, and Irvine compounding Pharmacy prepares compounded medicines as prescribed by veterinarians.
  • Anti-inflammatory Treatment for Dogs and Cats - You'll find Anti-inflammatory Treatment for Dogs and Cats at Compounding Pharmacy of Irvine, CA.
  • About Irvine Compounding Pharmacy - Irvine Compounding Pharmacy’s professional team is available to address your pharmacological needs and requirements and prepare compound medicines, as prescribed by your doctor.

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  • Amazon-Jake - Works but configure the options properly for best protection. HINT: Go through every setting and read what they mean.

    Works for what I need it for, basic AV protection, hasn't let me down yet. Just wish the settings were optimized for higher protection from day one. You have to go in and tell it to protect you better but thats my 2 cents.

  • s storesund - doesn't work as easily as described

    returned it...doesn't work as easily as described. It fact my nails turned out very jagged. They were dangerous and could scratch and hurt myself or others so i had to trim them with my regular clippers.

  • Gayle Horvath - the skin started feeling better right away

    I had a skin rash - cellulitis I was told - on my face below my eye. The skin there became very dry and started to peel. Other lotions and treatments didn't help. When I applied the Emuaid, the skin started feeling better right away. After 3 days, my skin is about normal (just a little redness remains). I'm thrilled with how well this worked! And without all kinds of chemicals that can cause other problems. I recommend it.

  • Rhoades92 - Great for the price.

    If you are looking for moderate priced, decent quality feezy' you go. They aren't high quality, but they get the job done and look good. They smelled a little....weird....when I first got them. Kindof like strong plastic. But the fit is good and they go great with leggings or joggers, so totally worth the price!

  • J. Fehr - Great little GFCI tester!

    So far so good, in fact I really like this unit. I've used a couple other cheaper versions and this unit not only feels better in your hand making it easier to insert into stubborn receptacles. The LEDs face forward making it easy to see what you're dealing with!