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  • Shoelessme - I would buy the next one.

    This was a great read. Their are some mistakes here and there as you find with a new author but the story was good and the editing acceptable. I will buy the next book in the series when it comes out.

  • Amazon Customer - Changed my Dosage IT DOES WORK!

    Its It's been a few days and I see results Enlargement and a little shape... Heres what I did it says six month supply I bought pills and lotion I shaved then showered then dried then applied the cream as if I were putting on lotion on my ass and massaged it in ... After that I lotioned my ass three more times... Also took pills in two with each meal so... Maybe for different body types you need different dosage... Just like medicine is prescribed depending person and circurmstance. My method 3-4times lotion ass more than recommended amount and 2pills 3 times a day... You'll run out faster but. Just get some more or maybe when you reach desired results go bck to original rules goodluck! Hubby would kill if I posted before after pics sorry even with clothes on.

  • katiemow - Highly recommend

    I love this product and never want to use anything ever again. I've mostly used tattoo goo for all of my tattoos, but this lotion is way better; my tattoos healed faster and cleaner than ever before.