CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Home - Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (CPL) has served the medical community for over sixty years. Over 1850 employees work at our 100,000 square foot main laboratory facility and at our remote laboratory operations located across the Southwest.

  • https://www.cpllabs.com/about-us/who-we-are.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Who We Are - The story of CPL begins on the first of May, 1948. On that day the first pathologist to practice in Austin, Texas, Charles F. Pelphrey, M.D., opened his practice in a 400 square foot apartment not far from the University of Texas campus.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/about-us/contact-us.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Contact Us - Clinical Pathology Laboratories, 9200 Wall Street Austin, TX 78754, Phone: (512) 339-1275, Fax: (512) 873 5069, Toll Free: (800) 595-1275
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/about-us/pathologists.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Clinical Pathology Pathologists - Clinical Pathology Pathologists listed by Name: Wei-Li Huang, M.D., Timothy F. Kolda, M.D., Suzanne C. Ledet, M.D., Susan Pacinda, M.D., Susan C. Baer, M.D., Susan C. Baer, M.D.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/about-us/managers.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Regional Managers by Location - CPL has a dedicated and experienced management team, each with many years of service in the clinical laboratory industry working with pathologists and physicians to meet the needs of our mutual patients. Our management team prides itself in being available to you to help with any issues or concerns you may have. In addition to our Austin, Texas based management team, each of our regional markets has a manager available to you to assist in addressing any needs or concerns you may have. You can reach these managers through the Locations section of this web site.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/about-us/career-opportunities.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Career Opportunities - CPL employs more than 1850 technologists, technicians, patient service personnel, couriers, computer personnel, marketing and sales staff, laboratory and administrative assistants as well as other support staff. CPL is affiliated with many pathology groups throughout the service area.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/about-us/privacy-policy.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Privacy Policy - Although your health record is the physical property of the healthcare practitioner or facility that compiled it, the information belongs to you. You have the right to: request a restriction on certain uses and disclosures of your information; however, we are not required to agree to the requested restriction
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/locations/overview.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Locations Overview - Clinical Pathology Laboratories has several conveniently located Patient Service Centers throughout the Southwest. Patients may have specimens collected at any of these locations by our experienced staff
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/locations/usa-divisions.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : USA Divisions - Sonic Healthcare USA (SHUSA) was formed in 2007 as the umbrella organization overseeing Sonic Healthcare Ltd’s operation in the United States.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/patients.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Patients Overview - CPL offers convenient hours at our Patient Service Centers (PSC) that are located where you can easily fit a lab test into your day. We provide quick, friendly service with over 95% of our patients being serviced within 15 minutes. Many of our locations open early and have Saturday hours. Locate the most convenient PSC on our Location tab. No appointments necessary.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/patients/pay-patient-bill.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Pay Your Bill - To make our lab services easier to use we now offer a secure online payment service. If you wish to pay your bill online we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please have your account number and zip code ready.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/physicians.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Physicians Overview - Perhaps nothing distinguishes CPL from our competitors more than the pathologists of CPL. Dozens of local independent pathologists help CPL deliver our laboratory services to each medical community we serve.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/physicians/clinical-and-anatomical-specimens.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Clinical & Anatomical Specimens Collection & Preparation - Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (CPL) has served the medical community for over fifty years. Over 1700 employees work at our 60,000 square foot main laboratory facility and at our remote laboratory operations located across the Southwest.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/physicians/test-directory.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Test Directory - Welcome to the Test Directory. Search for tests and associated information, available through Clinical Pathology Laboratories.
  • https://www.cpllabs.com/physicians/microbiology-specimens.aspx CPL - Medical Testing Laboratory : Microbiology Specimens - The patient’s name and the source of specimen must be on both the requisition and the specimen. A culture is only as accurate as the method used for collection. Outside microorganisms may contaminate a specimen during each phase of handling. This can lead to misleading or erroneous results. Take care at all times to avoid contamination. Submit promptly for optimal recovery of pathogens. Submit in a leak-proof container at room temperature unless otherwise specified

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    I received this product so that my significant other could use it. He doesn't have a lot of facial hair and doesn't grow it very long but he has very sensitive skin and is not immune to ingrown hairs and other issues that can result from using products with any ingredients that are not natural. This product really has such a nice list of ingredients there really is no reason a person couldn't use it as a moisturizer for the face or anywhere else. This oil seemed to help right away with a few of the superficial ingrown hairs because it seemed to help with the dry dead skin that sits on top of all of our skin and traps pores along with hairs deep inside. It also seemed to help heal the dry patches of skin around the few spots of adult acne he has for the same reason stated above. His facial hair isn't long enough to need much of any help but it did seem to moisturize the hair and keep it in place and more tame looking without much work on his part.

  • The Honest Optimist - ... used this product now for several years and absolutely love it. A few years back I made a ...

    I have used this product now for several years and absolutely love it. A few years back I made a trip to the dermatologist who informed me that really all people (but especially those with olive skin like me) should be wearing SPF 30 sunscreen every day, a hat, and sunglasses every time they go out in the sun. Well I couldn't commit to wearing a hat and sunglasses for the rest of my life as I am not a private detective and don't own that many cute hats anyway, but I could commit to upping my sunscreen. I had previously used a few products with 15 SPF or similar ranges, but he insisted that 30 SPF was where it's at. He said that over 30 SPF and you aren't really blocking anything extra, just throwing more on to make yourself feel better, but under 30 SPF you are still getting some harmful rays coming through. So I set off in search of a "regular" moisturizer that would not feel, smell, or look like sunscreen when it went on. After some research, I narrowed it down to Neutrogena and Aveeno. I tried both as well as a few others. The others felt like sunscreen as in the smelly, strong, burning stuff you thrown on your kids when you are spending all day at the Water Park. No way that was going to work for me every day. Then I tried the Neutrogena. It was okay . . . slightly better than the regular sunscreen but it still had that tangy smell to me and still burned slightly when I put it on. Finally I got to the Aveeno brand and was, frankly, delighted to find that it felt, smelled, and looked just like REGULAR moisturizer but with the added benefit of having a 30 SPF rating. I have now used it for 4 or 5 years. I put it on every morning before I put my make-up on. It smells like nothing, it is lightweight (not greasy), and when I smear it all over my face during a dry-skin episode it STILL doesn't feel greasy. In addition, I can testify to the strength of the SPF because there have been many occasions when I have been out with family and friends and it unexpectedly gets very sunny and/or we are stuck somewhere in the sun for much longer than we expected and while they come home with red noses and cheery cheeks, without even a second thought, I had protective on my skin all day such that I only have the lightest tan. Sunscreen has never been so painless!

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    Once again Scott Adams accurately captures business in real time. If CEOs would read Dilbert they would see some of the real world problems that their company suffers from. Adams uses satire to identify the political and riduculous cultures that have developed in corporate America; the dirty secrets that no one wants to talk about or confront. Anyone who has sat is a cube can identify a Dilbert characted with people that they have worked with.

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    I used several resources while preparing for the GRE and this book was definitely the most helpful. Like others, I did have some glitches with the CD, but most of it worked just fine. There is a lot of helpful information that covers all areas you need to be well-prepared for the test.