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  • M. Trautman - Made For Women, Yet Pink Enough For a Man

    As a 27-year-old, I recognize that I have begun the long decline into old age, senility, and most importantly, pale and gray old-man genitalia. All my friends seem to be handling the aging process with style and class; I've been having more trouble coping than usual. My psychiatrist recommended that I take proactive steps to ease my passage into my twilight years, and this product was my first idea. I swore to myself that while my hair may fall out and my skin may wrinkle, I will NOT go to the grave with a monochromatic baton.

  • K.T. - Don't purchase this software if you use payroll unless you're willing to pay high monthly or yearly fees!

    Avoid this software like the plague if you have a small business and use payroll. If you have an earlier version, use it and don't upgrade if you have payroll. Starting with this version of the product, it is not possible to maintain the federal and state income tax tables yourself (which was always possible in the past versions that I have used for at least 20 years). Sage requires you to pay for updating the payroll tax tables if you use them. I made the mistake of upgrading. Sage did not make it clear that it would not be possible for the user to update these tax tables anymore. I have recommended and used their software for over 20 years but I don't intend to upgrade or recommend it anymore. No more money to Sage!

  • anna - I feel like im in Love lol- i feel like advertising this product 😂😂

    I was searching all over for something that defined my coarse 4a hair and did not leave flakes or hardness. After using eco styler gel, my curls were defined but very hard. So i used cantu shea butter define and shine custard. That left my hair hard and FLAKYYYY! So I took a trip to family dollar to get an eco styler gel with less hold. When i went to two family dollars and did not find any luck with my search, i turned to the other products on the shelf. I took a leap of faith and spent $5 buying this product and after one use, i can declare this to be my first staple product. It left my hair soft, NO FLAKES-and i used a lot-, and my curls defined the whole day. A wash and go is all i do now. Please give it a try and i LOVE the smell too

  • Ronald D. Fogle - Poor--Poor--Poor!

    This is the worst program that the company has produced yet! Very unfriendly and it takes over other programs on my computer. I would not recommend this at all.

  • DaDenz - Great Truck!

    I love this truck! Mine is the limited edition, and it offers features that cannot be found on the competition. It drives like a truck (as a truck should), and has a dash and controls that are inviting, practical, and amazing to look at. It is a gorgeous truck. The only reason why I don't give it five stars is because it seems a little under-powered. This takes a little getting used to, since the driver has to "step on it" to get the same results that might be achieved by merely beginning to depress the gas pedal in other vehicles. But, when you step on it, it goes and gives plenty of power. It handles well, and overall, is a blast to drive. Its a nice size that offers the interior comforts of an SUV, with the practical back end of a truck. The size is great for getting in and out of a parking garage vs. a full size truck, while offering the ruggedness and practicality of a truck. This is a macho truck with a lot of the luxuries I've come to appreciate.

  • Janet Allegrezza - because if it does have any good properties, I won't tempt fate

    I've been using this product for years, but I'm not sure if it helps. My son is a plumber, and he said there's no proof that it works...I'm continuing to use it, because if it does have any good properties, I won't tempt

  • Kevin M. Utting - Revit

    This book helped me out a lot in my College classes. I am finishing a course on B.I.M. and I had forgotten where some of the commands on the Robbin were at, and this book helped me break down tab by tab on the ribbon where to find information I needed to find for one of my projects.