Hair Transplant Clinics in Manchester & London - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic are a leading hair transplant clinic with locations in London, Manchester and Dublin. Restore your self confidence with our fantastic results.

  • Book hair transplants in Manchester today - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic's premiere hair transplant clinic in Manchester has state-of-the-art hair transplant facilities for consultation, surgery and aftercare.
  • Find hair transplant clinics in Manchester, London & Dublin - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic specialise in male and female hair transplants and hair restoration with industry-leading surgery and cutting-edge techniques.
  • FUE Hair Transplants - Minimise Scarring - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic specialise in FUE hair transplants where individual hair follicles are extracted to minimise scarring when compared to strip excision.
  • FUT Hair Transplants - Follicular Unit Transplantation - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic - Find out more about Crown Clinic’s FUT hair transplantation, the leading hair transplant technique that harvests individual follicular units for better results.
  • Book Eyelash and Eyebrow transplant and implant surgery - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic specialise in eyebrow hair restoration, creating natural-looking eyebrows that suit your features. Book a consultation today.
  • Hair transplants for women & Female hair loss treatments - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic knows that hair loss affects women too. We are specialists in hair transplants for women, including eyebrow and eyelash restoration.
  • Painless Hair Transplants with the CompuMed Wand - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic uses the CompuMed Wand to provide painless hair transplant surgery and optimsie comfort, especially important for needle-phobic patients.
  • Hair loss products & treatments: Finasteride, Minoxidil & Toppik - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic use and stock a range of high-quality, medically-proven hair loss products like Finasteride, Minoxidil, Toppik and HairMax Laser Comb.
  • Media appearances - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic's media page includes newspaper articles and videos about hair transplants, as well as TV appearances and commentary by Dr Asim Shahmalak.
  • Hair Transplant Case Studies - Read our patient stories - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic's case studies, including Dr Christian Jessen's hair transplant, Calum Best's hair loss surgery, and other hair transplant procedures.
  • Browse Hair Transplant Before/After Photos - Crown Clinic - See our hair transplant before and after image gallery, including photos of FUE, eyebrow transplants, eyelash surgery, and beard transplants.
  • Testimonials from hair transplant success stories - Crown Clinic - Do hair transplants work? Read testimonials from Crown Clinic's customers for impartial hair transplant reviews to help make up your mind.
  • Hair Transplant Blog: Articles on Hair Loss Solutions - Crown Clinic - Read Crown Clinic's latest news and blogs on celebrity hair transplants, successful hair transplant surgery, and Dr Shahmalak's media appearances.
  • Dr Shahmalak's Appearances at Hair Transplant Conferences - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic's Dr Asim Shahmalak has appeared at amny conferences worldwide to talk about hair loss, restoration and hair transplant surgery.
  • Dr Shahmalak's Research into Hair Loss - Crown Clinic - Find out how Crown Clinic's Dr Shahmalak has been involved with the University of Manchester's research programme into hair follicle biology.
  • Book a Hair Transplant in Dublin - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic's premiere hair restoration clinic in Dublin has state-of-the-art hair transplant facilities for consultation, surgery and aftercare.
  • Book a hair transplant in London - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic's leading hair restoration clinic on London's Harley Street provides expert consultation and treatment for many types of hair loss.
  • Book an Eyebrow Transplant today - Crown Clinic - Crown Clinic - Pioneering eyebrow transplants performed by renowned surgeon Dr Asim Shahmalak. Book a consultation at our Manchester, London and Dublin clinics.

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