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  • ktbaker - Love It !!!

    Simply ... We love this stroller! We have been searching for a light weight/compact stroller and after trying a few different ones we finally decided to try out the britax and boy am I glad we did! This stroller is amazingly compact and extremely easy to fold! I wish I would have just bought this stroller from the beginning. I drive a Chevy Malibu and the trunk is not the biggest thing..... So when I would try to put our giant travel system stroller into my trunk (which was a total pain!) there was no room left for anything! My sister is actually pregnant so I'm thinking about getting this stroller for her because it is just so great! Trust me moms and dads to be, that are leery about the price, it is most definitely worth the price. We are actually going to purchase the britax infant car seat as well so that we are able to just adapt it to the stroller if we ever need to. The only thing that I wish britax would change is the fact that you have to get all the accessories separately. Since the stroller is already pretty pricy it would be very nice if those accessories just came with the stroller. O and I also better comment on the quality of stroller, it is very well made and is extremely sturdy, my husband and have actually tried it out while jogging and it is excellent! They could advertise this thing as a jogger if they really wanted to. Which says a lot since it is considered a "light weight" stroller. Well I hope this review helps those of you review searches such as myself :) go for it you'll be glad you did!

  • renee - Dope

    I really liked this series Briann Danee you are an amazing writer keep up the good work will there be a spinoff on tesh and Ra

  • tiggrrn - Infant Head Support Memory Foam Baby Pillow

    If you don't want your baby's head to be flat on one side, you turn then side to side, but there are some babies that don't want to be turned or can't be turned because of a medical issue. So, I am very happy to be able to have purchased this product at a discounted price for review but it is worth every penny. The Mittagong Infant Head Support Memory foam baby pillow helps to prevent a flat head. The color of this pillow is a light tan. This pillow is comfortable and soft. It provides a healthy and comfortable sleep to the baby. It is suitable for babies of 0-6 months. But it also determined by the size of the baby's head. Pillowcase is made of high-quality cotton velvet, does not cause skin allergies, and it is skin-friendly and comfortable, soft and absorbent, environmental protection and anti-bacterial. It can prevent the occurrence of migraine flat head effectively. I love knowing that our baby's head will be comfortable and not flat. Get yours today.

  • John - I like the program

    I like the program, but some locations are off by a half mile, south of exway instead of north. Needs to have lane to be in. This is my forth or fifth version. I like that I can see a map.

  • William - Pretty good cross trainer or casual shoe

    5 star for looks and 3 for performance so I'll give them a 4. Shoes look great and they are good for cross training but I would not recommend for running. If you are the novice runner then they will probably do the trick but you won't normally see most serious runners wearing Nike's. I don't consider myself a runner by any means but during the couple miles I do run after a workout these were giving me shin splints. They've become my casual shoe and look great in jeans.

  • J. McGinley - Missed Potential

    The exceptional casting and extremely well done character development was, I think, a very large part of what made the original film so appealing and successful. We came to really care about a broad range of people quite early on - and special effects were secondary to their stories. In "Resurgence", however, we're not provided with much we can identify with except on superficial levels. That appears to have made a major difference in the over-all quality of the movie in general.

  • John T. Gatlin Jr. - Five Stars

    hip hop just got a real boost that was well needed. This CD is banging and the beats aren't over the top but not sloppy either. The beats are mostly over lyrics which was slick because as the CD grew on me I appreciated how he kept it pure HIP-HOP throughout. This is the 1st CD I can bang from front to back in a long time while making my drive more enjoyable. A lot was said also which is rare now a days. If you are just into hyped up radio hits you will have to listen 3-4x's at least to un-tune your ears.