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    Bona in swedish must mean dull, streaky, sticky floor. I didn't know that when I purchased this product, but now I do. 48 hours after thoroughly cleaning and polishing the floors, they were still sticky. After a month, I noticed the floor looked dull with filmy streaks where a sponge was used to clean a mess. If you have area rugs atop floor protectors, the bona grime will adhere to the floor protector (I waited 2 days before putting the area rugs and protectors back). When I next removed the area rugs, I noticed the floor protector cross pattern on the wood floor, AGH. I've tried cleaning it with hot water & ammonia with little improvement. I can't recommend this product at all, I bought it at HD.

  • TINA - A must read.

    voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. B.b hamel you never disappoint. This book was action packed right from the start. Mafia family's at war with a mafia daughter caught in the middle with know understanding of what was happening around her. She is captured and held against her will. Will her capture help or cause her to bend. This is another great read by b.b hamel.

  • SusanJ - a wonderful program, a worthwhile book

    My husband and I started the Belly Fat Cure diet on June 1; it's now July 27 and he's lost about 20 lbs, I've lost about 15; and several inches around the waist each. The thing about it is, we LOVE this way of eating. We had been denying ourselves avocados, cheese, and many other high fat foods for *years* but kept gaining a couple of pounds a year anyway. With this diet we not only get very satisfying meals, but we have more energy and we're shedding the weight -- not as fast as the advetised "4 to 9 lbs a week" -- but steadily, a pound or two or three every week.

  • Jane - Even A-5 size books exceeding 500 pages will show the disproportion between depth and length of the bag which wouldn't rest comf

    This is s cute-looking bag, but with no functionality. That is to say, you can't have both your book and "small" water bottle in it. You have to make a choice between the two! And probably between one of them and your wallet. A letter-size paper folder with 10 sheets of paper leaves the bag half closed. Even A-5 size books exceeding 500 pages will show the disproportion between depth and length of the bag which wouldn't rest comfortably in any position with the stuff. The only way one can decide to keep this bag, in my opinion, is if one decides to enjoy it empty with just a wallet and a cellphone inside, since the strap could be shortened easily to make it look like a sling bag which is nice for biking, but then what would be the point of carrying this kind of bag when pockets will do the job. I didn't have a problem with the length of the shoulder strap, since this seems no big deal compared to the totally compromised functionality.

  • shopper sue - Excellent book

    This is an excellent book. It can help you if you have cancer or if you just want to eat healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle. It is very well written and very knowledgeable information.

  • Karen S. - Informercial low price is not accurate - $120 not $40

    Beware when buying this. The infomercial on TV said that 1 time trial is about $40 with free shipping but then I got billed for a complete package and its 3 payments of $40 so $120. Luckily I had called to cancelled soI don't get stuck with paying over $40 a month just for some facial products. Not worth it and beware of the misleading infomercials!