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  • daniel a jones - Fantastic version of the fables

    Fantastic version of the fables. Nice large size for little hands. The illustrations are great. I bought this and another version as gifts, and this one wins hands-down. Will be cherished and read for years and years to come.

  • Suebaby - Amaaaaazing; I'm addicted now!

    First off, let me say that for as long as I can remember, my hair and I have been deadlocked in mutual hatred. Baby-fine with a weird little wave (the hair, that is, not me); never got past a certain length before breaking off; started to fry nice and crispy at the merest glimpse of a blow-dryer or a day of fun in the sun. Yep, my hair would've been right at home sticking out of the collar and sleeves of the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.


    DO NOT BUY THIS! I can't understand why this ink is such poor quality. I have an HP LaserJet 1020- a very basic printer, nothing fancy- but when I changed my HP ink cartridge with this one-- I now get horrible quality copies. The ink smears easily and doesn't dispense onto the paper in an even manner! I have printed about 50 sheets with it and all but a couple sheets have had issues. Do not waste your money! Do not take a chance. It is not worth the hassle of returning, leaving bad reviews, etc. Just buy a higher quality product in the first place. I am so sorry I didn't do the same.

  • Angel - Total disappointment. I used to have xbox 360 and hip ...

    Total disappointment. I used to have xbox 360 and hip hop dance game. It was million times better than this. The dance was more professional and the avators were more life like and song selections were so much better on the hip hop game. It had 2 dancers one facing on the back one facing front making so easier to practice. I don't even feel like playing with this game anymore. Microsoft, please make the hip hop dance game for Xbox one.

  • Karthik - Good product, would have been better if there was ...

    Good product, would have been better if there was a reset button to use it for next game instead of switch off and on again

  • MaxScrutinizer - Good ol' Johnny Green

    I bought the product even though there were several derogatory reviews. I planted the seed with a hand operated spreader and watered it. Planted it in the 3rd week of October. We got a couple of rains in the next 3 weeks, four to be exact, and here came the grass. I had some real bad spots about the size of a car or a little bigger so you definitely knew there was no grass. Now almost a month later you can hardly tell that the dead spots are there. Once all the dead grass is gone the spots will be gone. It took longer for the grass to come up closer to the house as it does not get much sun. But it is still growing there as well. I had to run the mower over it to get the leaves up a couple of times so it was not 3 inches tall for the first mowing. Probably only an inch. I don't think I have killed any of it yet. Worked great for me! I guess ya just gotta be smarter than the grass seed.

  • James T. Wheeler - Still the Best

    My wife and I believe that "A Christmas Carol" is one of the most important stories every written, not only for the holiday season but for all times during the year. We recently watched all nine versions we have accumulated through the past 20+ years. These include the ones with Seymour Hicks in 1935, to Patrick Stewart in 1999. This 1951 production, starring Alistair Sim, is the best. What we like about it most is how Scrooge is depicted after he's visited by the three Christmas spirits. He is totally transformed. He shows unbridled joy in being released from bondage to greed and contempt for his fellow man. This depiction is unmatched by the other versions. The colorized form of the movie is outstanding and adds a good bit to the story-telling. If anyone wants this Dickens classic in its finest incarnation, this is the DVD to get.