Home - Sewage sludge and sewage effluent reuse (reclaimed water) - Deadly Deceit brings the laws, regulations, and lack of science into focus concerning the disposal of pathogenic contaminated sewage sludge biosolids and reclaimed water as a fertilizer and for irrigation as well as public health effects.

  • http://www.deadlydeceit.com/EPA-sludge-wars.html EPA sludge biosolids wars - EPA Industrial Waste Managers have been at war with internal scientists as well as sludge disposal site neighbors since 1978. The waste industry has run the EPA since the beginning because they had the waste experience. They also run it to make money.
  • http://www.deadlydeceit.com/503-Riskassessment.html 503 risk assessment is not for chemicals, pathogens or cancer causing metals - After spending millions of dollars on a risk assessment, a review by the National Research Council, and a multi-million dollar PR campaign, EPA admitted in 1995 there was no risk assessment.

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    If you're applying to medical school this book will give you a lot of useful information! especially if you are applying to a lot of schools.

  • Russell D. Dixon - A Repeat of Earlier Horn Material

    Great book if you haven't read Horn's other books. If you have, save your money as there is maybe ten pages of new material in this book. The rest of the book is material that has already been covered in previous books.