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  • T. Washington - Works well without irritation

    I had surgery mid February that left me with 2 incision scars. They are not too bad but still figured I would try to make them less noticeable. I had to wait until the areas were completely healed per the instructions. I like that the scar cream comes in a pump that comes out easy in small amounts. The smell is a little strong for me but it doesn't stink. To make sure I could tell if it was working or not, I have only been using it on one side. I'm pretty impressed. I have sensitive skin and this had cause no irritation. The aide I have been testing on is flatter than the other one. I can actually feel the untreated scar but I have to look for the one I used the cream on. The color is also returning back to normal faster than the other. I'm glad to have found something to help because with 6 kids somebody always had a scar of some kind that we need to work on.

  • Randall Raymond Fish - One Star

    I have only peed once today.But think i might have a liver problem or it was 98 today and i sweated a lot. I don't know!

  • kawikasurf - Which is nice.

    Five minutes after plugging it in I diagnosed a probable melanoma on the wrist of a spectator at the U.S. Open. Seriously, someone needs to find the guy and get that thing excised.

  • J. Jordan - These cables changed my life!

    I used to be a sad, pathetic loser who ate ramen straight from the packet and who kicked mirrors a lot. Then I was able to save up enough money by collecting cans from the garbage to buy these cables- and one other critical component. I carefully wove the fibers of this cable through the fabric of my prized 3 wolf moon shirt, taking precautions to not undo the mystic spell craft that winds through each inch of sheer magic. Donning my new mega-armor, I simply walked the streets of downtown Austin. Within seconds, I was beset by hordes of European supermodels (why were there even so many European supermodels in downtown Austin?) and had to endure the painful task of deciding in what order to satiate them.

  • nccoffee - great set for the price

    this is a great set - arrived sharp. both have mechanism for keeping them closed. I was worried the scissor one would be a little flimsy, but it cut trough rose stems with ease.