Dry Skin Relief with Dermal Therapy Moisturizers - Dermal Therapy was made for people who have tried every skin moisturizer. We guarantee Dermal Therapy can moisturize your dry skin, even if other skin care products have failed

  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/aging-skin-care.asp Care for Aging Skin - Why exfoliate your skin when you can moisturize it. Dermal Therapy with urea - skin care that works.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/circulatory-disorders.asp Circulatory Disorders and Massage - Poor circulation can dry skin. Massaging with our Foot Massage is very comforting while all of our skin lotions will effectively moisturize and assist skin health.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/contact-dermatitis.asp Contact Dermatitis and Skin Care - Our Hand Barrier Lotion is excellent for contact dermatitis. The product settles into the skin in layers. The skin healing ingredients soak into the skin while the silicone sets up over top as protective barrier so irritants do not touch the skin.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/cradle-scalp.asp Cradle Scalp Care - Massaging a very small amount of the Extra Strength Body Lotion into the scalp will exfoliate scaly skin and hydrate dry skin.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/diabetes-care.asp Skin care for Diabetics - Many patients with diabetes develop extremely dry, cracking skin which makes it much more susceptible to infection.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/down-syndrome.asp Down Syndrome Skin Care & Moisturizers - The entire line of Dermal Therapy moisturizers will offer relief and help keep your skin healthy.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/ichthyosis-care.asp Ichthyosis Itch Relief - While many of the Dermal Therapy moisturizers assist people wth ichthyosis, we specifically formulated the Alpha Hydroxy High Potency Moisturizer for people with ichthyosis.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/medications-dry-skin.asp Medication Interactions - All of our moisturizers can help restore moisture. In addition, urea can help improve the efficacy of cortisone meaning you can use less cortisone cream or lotion and achieve the same results.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/menopause-dry-skin.asp Menopause & Skin Care - Dermal Therapy& Moisturizers - All of our moisturizers treat the dryness of skin common with the onset of menopause.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/psoriasis-care.asp Psoriasis Relief - Psoriasis means that you make too much skin because your immune system is overactive. This causes thick plaques to form on top of the skin, particularly at the elbows and knees, the face and scalp develop thick scales, and the nails thicken and grow very fast.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/psoriatic_arthritis.asp Psoriatic Arthritis - Treatments for psoriatic skin lesions include cortisone medications, vitamin D ointments gold shots and pills and the more toxic immune suppressants. Our Alpha Hydroxy High Potency Moisturizer is an effective exfolient for very scaly skin.
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/seborrheic-dermatitis-care.asp Seborrheic Dermatitis - seborrheic, seborrhea, sebhorrea, dermatitis, dermititis, psoriasis, fungus infection, scales, scaly skin, Sebhorreic, seborrheic, sebborheic, dry flaky skin, dandruff, scaly scalp, flaky scalp
  • http://www.dermaltherapy.com/sun-damaged-skin.asp Sunscreen & skin cancer - skin cancers, wrinkles, wrinking, aging, skin creams, skin cremes, scaling, scaly skin, UVB, UVA, lotions, moisturizers, sunscreen

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    Deserves ZERO STARS!! Faulty product! Lives up to ZERO of it's promises. I'm so angry! Applied in September this year -- followed directions EXACTLY. Looked good for about 48 hours, then started peeling, chipping and disintegrating as weather became colder and wetter. Just used my shop vac to remove gallons of sandy mess from front porch and steps. Why is this product allowed to be sold anywhere??

  • northern gal - christmas present

    My daughter commute to New York from Brooklyn and she requested I get the helmet for her for Christmas because of style and safety

  • Kathy Z. Ross - SIGNIFICANT RELIEF from Disc Bulge/Herniated Disc!!

    My Dr. recommended this after Physical Therapy and muscle relaxants did not work. The next step was epidural injections into my spine for pain. What I really wanted was something to solve or at least offset what was causing the pain. He said alot of his patients had good results with this machine and it was worth a try. Of course, I thought could something from t.v or Bed Bath and Beyond (they sell them there too) really help this incredible pain? WELL, IT DID!!!