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  • msbooklady - Beware of Day 11 and Beyond

    I'm sitting here in the ER with my husband. We began Day 11 of the 24 Day Challenge today, which commenced our first day of multipacks. The heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness, and facial rash was severe enough that my husband requested 911 assistance. ER doctor is attributing his response to an overload of niacin. I did a search on this while waiting in the ER, and found a number of similar responses to the massive amounts of niacin in the vitamin pack/Spark combo. We purchased our products through an Advocare rep and have been coached through the process. However, no mention of possible side effects, though they are clearly documented online. Bottom line: It really is a good idea to check with your physician before beginning any diet or fitness program. Lesson learned, and Challenge terminated.

  • ActionXPotential - Great Game with Some Flaws

    For those who have been around the battlefield community since Battlefield 1942, simply put, Battlefield 1 is a refreshing look back into its roots. Now armed with a better sense of what makes game-play fun, in addition to insane graphics, and interactive map design, this game offers a fluent, immersive experience that elegantly integrates every aspect of the battlefield into play. As addicting as this game-play may be, there are, however, major shortcomings to the larger flow of the game, which if uncorrected will inevitably lead to a crash in the Battlefield 1 community.

  • Asserative Worm - Recommed to anyone struggling with daily lower back pain, some relief is almost immediate!

    I have suffered from lower back pain and problems since May of 1999. I had surgery for 3 Herniated, slipped & bulging discs and as a result I will struggle with constant back pain for the rest of my life. On top of that I struggle with Degenerated discs, pinched nerves, coccyx pain, etc. I have tried so many back pain relief products that I truly wasn't expecting much from this sample.

  • ZBatia - great phone with good price

    I bought it to replace my wife's Motorola G smartphone. She is very happy with it since it is not overloaded with a lot of bloatware, has a decent screen size and all the functions she needs to use. Price - wise it is very affordable phone compared with other brands. The screen resolution is decent, cameras are ok. My only complaint is the battery capacity. Other than that, i highly recommend this phone if you don't need nitty-gritty functionality and want to save $$.

  • tampatina - great binder for keeping women in their place

    neatly track all the token women you hire, and make yourself seem like you care. Portable so you can carry it woth you and keep yourself organized

  • August R. Jaxel - It's good - what I expected

    It's good - what I expected. And it is intense. I'm working my way through the Infinite Skills training DVD I bought, and I have a printed guide on the way, too. I'd say "Be prepared to spend the time required to master this tool."

  • Debbie - I really like this product

    I really like this product. It just glides on and feels like you don't have anything on your face. I have lots of hyperpigmentation. This product doesn't completely cover all of it but it covers way better than anything else I've tried. Used to be big fan of mineral powders. Coverage does last all day and doesn't rub off on clothes like other foundations or liquid makeup that I have used before. Product gives you a nice healthy glow.