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  • CindyN - Changed my mind!

    Update: just got a full refund! Even though the product didn't work for me, both Amazon and the seller have been excellent with standing behind their word. Hope this pad will work for you. Here is my original review:

  • Snedden_j - Over heated after 4 charges

    Product worked great lasts a good 8hrs of pokemon go but woke up this morning when i checked the battery pack it was really hot and the clear plate on the power button side had a crack going side to side. Im not sure if i should continue to use it and not sure if its ok to mail back being a large battery with a crack in its case

  • Debi Hendricks - ... a free sample from PINHCme - i am actually pretty grossed out by the thought of using this

    received a free sample from PINHCme - i am actually pretty grossed out by the thought of using this... I am sure it works great as all Raid products do... but fearful of the results.

  • seanchau - formula expires in 1 month

    I am so disappointed!!!! I will not be purchasing formula from this site ever again. I just got my product in the mail today and the expiration date is a month from today. Is it even legal to be selling products that will expire in that short of a time frame???

  • Grandma Amazon - The Best Grandma Tool!

    This has been my very best way of entertaining my grandchildren. I always carry this when I visit them to have great bedtime stories available and to have ideas for stories I need to "make up" at the kids' request. The stories are short, adorable, and so lovable that my six year old granddaughter started reading them by herself!

  • Amazon Customer - Great products, but buy from an actual promotor

    Great product, but buy from a real promotor instead of through Amazon. $78 is higher than the product actually costs from the Le-Vel website. And this is only one part of a three part system. Get with an actual brand promotor to get properly informed on the product and how to take it correctly.

  • Shirl - Shirl

    I have had various--lots of back problems over the years. Chiropractors & physical therapy were a comfort, but not a cure for my chronic low back-top of hip constant pain. I could not sleep, at night, I got a little nap in a recliner, but mostly rested with that nagging pain. The bed just seemed to aggravate the problem. An adjustable bed relieved my pain, but it returned after a month or so, though not as bad as it had been. Then I discovered the Back2Life massager. It has gotten rid of that awful pain. I used it every day for several weeks, and now use it when the pain returns, for a few days, and then I'm good to go for a while. The only problem I have is at my age (71) it is really hard to get down and back up from the floor to use it.