Don't Marry the Dragon - Heroin Video Documentary - Lawrence DuBois has produced a documentary video on heroin addiction. An ex-addict takes you on a journey into the heroin lifestyle. Video contains graphic images of heroin and the human body.

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  • Student - Get this!

    I really studied hard using this book (2 weeks) but my test date was canceled due to a snow storm. I went back to school (18 credits) so had no time to continue my studies. I took my test today after not studying for 3 weeks and the information was still there (even though I wish I had taken a practice test a couple days ago since my time management was really off today). I raised my score from a 150 math and 155 English (practice test 1) to a 155/162 for the actual test today. The things I learned in this book I'm sure will serve me for a lifetime.

  • Mike - Over "Hyped" Product

    I purchased the NuWave cooktop and the "free" induction compatible cookware. Per the instructions I seasoned the smaller, 9" fry pan; "...using vegetable oil and allow to heat on MED for 1-3 minutes". Ok, set temp to MED, place oiled pan on cooktop, set timer for three minutes. Before the three minutes was up I began to smell hot oil. I went to the kitchen and the oil had turned black, BURNT! I used my infrared thermometer and the fry pan surface was 515 degrees at it's coolest point, almost 550 in two other spots! My thought was how can indicated 275 degrees produce 550 degrees! By the way, I have been unable to remove the burned on oil from the pan, without using some sort of scouring steel wool, which I have NOT done. So, the pan is no longer non-stick. I used another induction compatible small sauce pot to make a gravy; once again, the temperature with an indicated 275 degrees was hot enough to burn the flour to the bottom of the sauce pot, the drippings I was using were that hot and nothing short of a steel wool soap pad would clean the sauce pot after that. Needless to say, the gravy was ruined. I did manage to steam some fresh vegetables without incident using the cooktop. I have put the cooktop away and I do not know when I will use it again. I have better temperature control with an electric range than I do with the NuWave cooktop.

  • Rev. Rebecca A. Nagy - I wanted a program - not a sales pitch

    I had heard about this program from a friend - and since I know I have food allergies, was eager to dive into this book and get some weight off...seems this program doesn't work without the addition of tons of expensive products - most of them sold by the authors! Not worth the time...

  • spikefromspace - Not the Best.. But still great book.

    I am currently going through this book as part of my MBA curriculum. My MBA program is a top-ranked program rated by BusinessWeek and USNews and my professor is really intelligent and has a lot of experience in the finance industry. While the professor is a great lecturer, this book really nails in the basic concepts and breaks down the complex concepts. It is important to pace yourself in this book i.e. if you nothing about finance, really focus on the first six chapters first and make sure you understand them before moving. Or, if you are a finance expert looking to refresh your memory, skip the first six chapters, and then read the rest in greater detail depending on which topic you are looking to refresh.

  • Michelle Niedermeyer - love it

    web root is the very best in internet security........ while everyone is using free AVG, Norton, trend micro ( i do not like at all) or any other top of the line anti virus... i love web root the best... install it and forget it................ it updates on it own, scans on its own, and everything...... i would never use any other.......web root is the best

  • Patty D. - Not for short women

    The band is very tight and I liked how the product felt on me. That is until I sat down. It rolled up and created strong pressure/pain in my lower back. I can't use it and am trying to get return information now since it is sold by an Amazon seller.