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  • Amazon Customer - works without drying

    I have tried so very many face creams, and a person can spend a fortune trying to find one that works. I am impressed with this one. after just 2 or 3 uses, I noticed a much finer texture to my skin, a glowing softness. I have delicate, sensitive skin that can easily be irritated, and rosacea, so I was pleased that even with continued daily use, I have not encountered dry or reddened skin.

  • Kyle Slayzar - Did Not Work, Poor Design (Straightener Works)

    I tested the InStyler Pro Ionic with both my fiancé, who has long and thick hair, and her professional stylist BFF, who has short and thin hair, and the results were universally poor even after several attempts and rereading the manuals several times to ensure we didn't miss anything.

  • A. Wehner - Looks great, but man everyone wasn't lying about the brake ...

    Looks great, but man everyone wasn't lying about the brake part. THAT was frustrating. Doing it in the cold weather, it was tough. I don't feel right boiling it with it having aluminum, so I used mt hands and a screwdriver (it helps a lot). You're probably going to poke holes, but it won't prevent it from going on. At the top (wider part), there's a cut in for easier insert, so at the bottom, I had cut the corners so all four sides had a flap. It made it a lot easier. Gas pedal is simple. Maybe 20 seconds tops. Brake had me at 45 min to get it figured out. Screwdriver helps!!! Don't forget it.

  • Gregory M. Boen - All better now. Note to new users

    I've had morning sinus drain for some years. First time I ever bought anything from infomercial info.

  • Esther J Threlfall - Over priced, tastes awful, made me feel I'll

    I was persuaded to give the challenge a go by a friend who'd had success on it. I was sold it as tasting delicious and value for money. This couldn't be further from the truth. The shakes are disgusting and very sickly tasting and it is just about one of the most expensive diets I've ever tried! They don't include the extra costs of food or your 2nd snack in their calculations but compare the price to those who do. The diet itself left me feeling hungry and for almost the entire 90 days I felt sick, light headed and severely lacking in energy to the point that I could not continue my usual level of activity.

  • Jacob D Toombs - Great viewing

    I've collected coins my whole life now im starting my 5 year old son on it. He loves the easy placement and that you can see both sides of the coin

  • Yvonne L. Lawrence - Easily one of the best Christmas albums out this year

    If I could rate it highly than 5 stars I would. Easily one of the best Christmas albums out this year. A must for your Christmas music collection.