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  • Hundreds of tax savings ideas, great for business owners. - Hundreds of tax savings ideas, great for business owners.

    From simple techniques to shrewed sophisticated schemes, Schnepper covers every base. No one with any real income can expect to pay "Zero Taxes." But everyone will find at least one idea here. Business owners, small or large, will find great ideas for shifting income to family members.

  • momof2 - piece of junk

    Sorry I even have to put 1 star on here. The device is junk. It would say it was charged, but blink and turn itself off as if it needed to be charged. Then the screen locked up and it would do absolutely nothing at all. I am so upset. I turn it off and off, plug it in and still nothing. I get to the very beginning screen of clicking Guest or my little girl's name and it is frozen there and will not select anything at all. Now I have an Autistic little girl who will be screaming and crying over this because she can't play her favorite games.

  • M. McDevitt - No longer a Photoshop lover ... or user

    I've been a longtime user of Photoshop and other Adobe products. Or was until my purchased copy of it (CS version) suddenly told me that I had to get a re-authorization code for it from Adobe to continue using it. Reasoning in pop-up stated my computers configuration had changed. (This was news to me too) Long story short, the company will no longer supply a reactivation code. I now have a useless program because of their catch-22 in their programs where they require the reactivation code, but will not supply one via internet, phone, chat, etc. They just told me I should update it as it is old.

  • Sojourner45 - Eye Opening

    Amazing revelation about the Luciferian/pagan influences of the building arrangement of Washington D.C. and the design of the one dollar bill. The satanic plans for the destiny of the United States of America by many of our forefathers is also discussed.

  • devster - awesome

    I have seen several reviews regarding this product. First off, it tastes great when mixed correctly. I am not sure how many other protein powders other reviewers have tried, but this is just as good, if not better, than most. If you want a vegan protein option that supports weight training or endurance training, this is your best bet. Other vegan powders such as Vega are extremely expensive. Second, this is a fantastic price. You basically get twice the amount for around the price that you would pay at a local green grocery.

  • Robert G Simers - the guy on the video recommended "Macrium Reflect" software

    I currently have Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 Laptop. I used an "Inateck 2.5 Inch USB 3.0 Hard Drive Disk HDD External Enclosure Case with usb 3.0 Cable for 9.5mm 7mm 2.5" SATA HDD and SSDI" to transfer my drive to the new dirve. I installed the Samsung "magician" and cloning software. The Samsung software would not recognize my drive. I tried again and again. Trying different USB ports. Uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Checking Samsung's website for updated software or guidance. Downloading and installing Samsung software from their web-site (slightly newer versions). All to no avail. Living close to a computer store, I bought a SATA to USB cable to see if it would work instead of the drive enclosure. The Samsung software still failed to recognize the drive. I was about to package everything up to ship back when I decided to see if Windows Disk Management recognized the drive. Using windows disk management, I could see that it had discovered the drive, but the drive was not completely blank (some small partition existed). I do not know if this was normal or if someone else had the drive first and sent it back, and I was sent their returned drive. Having watched a video on youtube earlier about upgrading the drive, the guy on the video recommended "Macrium Reflect" software. I installed thier free demo software and followed the youtube advice and an hour later I had a cloned drive. I installed the drive per Dell's service manual, and it appears to be working fine. I am not sure who to blame on this one, Samsung for bad software?, The seller for sending me a bad drive? Thank goodness for youtube and the gentleman who posted the great video. Bottom line, I should have been able to clone the drive using Samsung's software the first time, without all the drama. I think I am being generous giving the overall experience 3 stars. Insult to injury, the Samsung software will not uninstall from my computer.