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  • Carla J Barrett - You've got to do the exercises...

    When I first read this book, I thought it had some pretty good points about how to get a job or change your career but it wasn't a life-changing experience for me at the time. The second time I picked up this book, I was in a workshop where we were actually going to do the exercises in the book. What a huge difference this made in what I got out of this book!

  • Anonymous - About 50% amazing, 50% meh

    This is a good collection and worth reading altogether, but some stories are definitely more interesting than others (as is true with most collections). The summary in the beginning of the book explains that the stories the editor liked best are placed closest to the beginning of the book, and I definitely found this to be the case during my reading of the book. It started off with some very memorable stories; one about the Cuba/America relationship and how it hurts families (luckily this has recently changed!), one about racing the bulls, and one about a trek through rural Papua New Guinea. There are a few memorable shorter stories scattered throughout the book too: one about searching for a special recipe in Vietnam, one about not traveling (interestingly enough), and another about being a style-conscious traveler who always packs too much. Anyways, I guess overall there were about 10 stories that I remember really loving, and the others I don't recall at all (excluding one that I really hated). So 10/20 stories are great, and the rest are mediocre. Worth a read, though, if you are interested in getting into travel writing and want several solid examples of how to do it!

  • Jason Crowson - was a good study tool

    was a good study tool, but the american lit test was very different from the sample questions. i used this and the idiots guide to american lit and it was close. scored a 58/80 so i passed since you need the 50 most places, but id advise studyig some extra jazz age and african american stuff, as well as some extra puritan stuff.

  • Joanna - Flimsy for the size and sticky with glue

    Not sure who had the "brilliant" idea of gluing the label to the pan but it required some work to take it out. I have tried a few options and only when I came here to check out other reviews I saw the suggestion to use a hairdrier (thanks MaggieB!) that finally worked. Funny thing is, the label was actually separated with a bit of dried glue on it but the biggest chunk of glue was left on the pan. Really Norpro? Why gluing? Besides, it is not that the label had any useful information on how to clean or take care of the pan otherwise.

  • Karen Crockett - sucks for pet hair on floors

    After spending an hour or more reviewing vacs online in Nov. 2011, I thought this one would be good for our house with all laminate floors or tile, maybe 1500 sq ft at most--with our new addition of a Border Collie Mix. I must have gotten this erroneous idea from another poster who wrote how great it was for pet hair. Perhaps he meant on carpet. I can say after using the thing for 3 months, 3x/week, for floors, the hair quickly sticks to the cloth-like perimeter of the vac and to the brush bristles and sits there or gets tied up in the bristles. You leave the brush off when using it on floors. I have to walk the vacuum over to a trash can and pull/brush the hair off the bottom of the vac after maybe 300 sq ft of laminate. My dog's hair is about 1-2 inches long.