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  • Tbabij - Not worth upgrading and Customer Support rock bottom

    Big mistake upgrading. Expected newer version would be better. I have used Acronis for years and had little problems. The fact that you have only have 30 days for free support stinks. With their new interface one will not know until well after if there are issues. Luckily if I can say that, I had an external drive go bad that is my primary data store for images 1.7TB worth. I used the restore function in the program and using a USB3.0 Backup to a USB3.0 drive my calculations were the restore would take 118 days!!! I contacted support because Acronis was appending every file with a string of characters that I was told would be removed by the program at completion of the restore. I could not wait 118 days! In a chat session with support I was told that 6 minutes per GB was an acceptable transfer rate. I think lost in translation? I finally received an actual phone call from Tech after a Twitter dialogue however not sure if that instigated the call? I ended up just using Windows Explorer to drill into the Backup file and used Windows to drag and drop the drive contents to repopulate the drive. Job done in 3-4 hours.

  • anne - I especially like that he has much info about the early church ...

    Richard Rohr is a wordy German, but he's got solid research and experience behind his many words. I especially like that he has much info about the early church (St Paul) and other early Church Fathers--it's not just his newest idea. I also love that he has the icon he talks of in the front and back of the book as well as on the cover--it's obvious he appreciates good "holy" art. Much of this information is comfortably familiar to me, either from earlier works I've read/heard from Rohr, or from elsewhere. He's got good research that informs his words, but it's relatively easy for an "ordinary person"--not a theologian--to understand and appreciate.

  • VstheBoombox - CD ROM WON'T WORK ON MAC

    The book has some really great strategies but the only thing is I wish the CD-ROM would work on my macbook. I don't think this is the fault of KAPLAN but may be in Apple issue. I just get a pop-up that says this file is no longer read by Apple...

  • WE ONE SINGER - I don't see the improvements yet

    I have the 2004 version. love it, but I bought this one to see if my GPS would work with it. It didn't, and I didn't like the new menus and options ( or lack thereof ). The options might still be there, but Microsoft like most software companies have turned to hiding most options , but simple is not always better. I'ts still an ok program I suspose, but I'll have to spend more time to find out.

  • Shamus Mulligan - Not so easy install

    I have to say that as far as the aesthetics of these pedal covers go, they look really good once installed and, in that regard, are a good addition to my new ride...2012 G.C. Limited thank you very much. However, the install leaves a lot to be desired - particularly when it comes to the brake pedal. The gas pedal wasn't bad (not great either) and took a fair amount of brute force to snap it into place and I managed to break one of the small plastic retaining clips in the process but it is still secure and holding tight so not too worried about potential problems down the road. The brake pedal directions indicate using soapy water and a screwdriver to pry the pedal rubber over the metal brake assembly in two easy steps, let's just say you're going to need some magic pixie powder to make that happen. I ended up using a paint can opener and slid it between the brake pedal arm assembly and the pedal cover to pry the pedal cover rubber up and over the the mounting plate. This was after messing with it for 45 minutes before finally having success because if it took any longer I was ready to throw the thing across my street and be done with it.

  • Toolman - Tour of Rome made easy

    I purchased this book for my wife who went to Rome for a work assignment. She loved his concise and all inclusive review of Rome. His humor was contagious and he always "hit the nail right on the head" when describing people and places in Rome.She also used his book about Switzerland while in Zurich before she was reassigned to Rome hence the choice to use his reviews for Rome. She was not disappointed. Wherever she is reassigned next, his books will be our guide.