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  • apple - excellent choice!

    It is the first time I write a review in amazon although I buy everything for my 9-month baby from amazon, because I love this stroller so much, and so does my son. Before this we have a chicco travel system which also works great when my son is small, but when he grows up, the stroller of the travel system seems smaller and also a little bit heavy. So I decided to buy a lightweight stroller at first beginning. I did a lot of search on most strollers in the market, my requirements are: 1 lightweight, actually this is requirement from my husband since he is the person who lift it onto and off the car in most cases. 2 big canopy so I don¡¦t need to worry about direct sunshine whichever direction the stroller is in. 3 have both flat position and upright position since when we go out during weekend or travel, I want my son to have a good nap in most comfortable position. 4 large storage basket so that I can put my mother bag, anything got during shopping into it especially during travel. 4 optional: face both way so that my son sometimes can have good interaction with us when he is not happy. So end up, I got two candidates: 1) city mini 2) britax b agile and can¡¦t make up my mind which one to choose. So I took my son to the retailer store to see which one he likes. And there I found my ¡§Mr. Right¡¨ of stroller ¡V uppababy vista, the one in drew really caught my eyes: the color , the appearance, the fabric, the frame quality¡K except the price, 500 more bucks than citi mini. First, britax b-agile has a big fault that the front wheel is hard to control so you can walk in the direct line with the stroller so it was filtered out. For citi mini, it is lightweight, really easy to fold, not small basket, near flat position, big canopy but the fabric looks cheap and the stroller looks not strong enough (I think that¡¦s why it can be lightweightº ). So I try to persuade my husband to pick uppababy vista since it is not a lightweight stroller about 22 pounds. After struggling for almost one hour in the retailer, my husband decided to pay extra money to choose vista just because one small design details: the flap for the peek-a-boo window uses magnets instead of velcro to keep it closed, he thought it must be a good product because the company can make so good design in so small details.

  • Amazon Customer - I love the 12th season

    I love the 12th season. I thought it was gonna be hard to without Derick but I am still very happy with the show.

  • Amazon Customer - just dance

    My first shopping experience from Amazon(US),is awesome,the price was good,I have a better feeling than shopping on TB. The game is perfect for party with friends,40 songs enough for me,is you want more,better try the gold edition.

  • Ghost - Kaine and Unable

    I give it 5 stars because Hillary is one of the best LIARS on earth. You can be assured that every sentence you read is a lie! And who the hell is Kaine?? Did I buy this extremely over priced garbage....No! I have known about the Clintons since their days in Arkansas and when Bill disgraced the office of the President. Cant believe Amazon would support this pair.

  • Joe Vallee - Protect thyself.....

    Never leave home without it.... or stay home without it for that matter. With today's ever growing popularity of cell phones, you need to protect them as well as they have become viable targets for the mischief makers....

  • Amazon Customer - AC adapter and cord were bad

    Purchased the Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 with a 3rd party 2yr warranty. Used it twice with no problem. Seem to work fine. On the 3rd attempt, a little over a month later, it would not boot up. I contacted the Lenovo support line and they determined that the AC adapter and cord were bad and would ship new ones to me within 45 business days. I asked if I could use a different AC cord and adapter and they recommended not to. After waiting 2 weeks, I went online and couldn't find my case number for status. I contacted support where they initially couldn't find it either, but then found that the case was closed out. The support person then informed me that the AC cord and adapter (that are part of the ideacentre that I purchased) are not covered. How can you charge for an item and not support it? Fortunately, I was able to get store credit from the store and purchased a different product.