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  • RonE - For my kitchen, this is MUCH more than 'good enough'!

    I'm going to post nothing but good things here, so if you're looking for criticism, look elsewhere. I am writing this review having 'lived with' the products for more than a year, so this isn't a quick look at anything.

  • R. Blalock - The flowershop commercial is a big red flag

    Anyone with any notion of IT security knows you don't let a stranger walk in to your business, access a business computer and load software on it. I realize this is a dramatization but that right there tells me all I need to know. Stay away it's a scam.

  • dkiessling4 - Son loves it

    My son who is 9 years old loves this game. He likes playing it and it is a very attention keeping game.

  • Colonel D - Perhaps Craig Johnson's best Longmire book to date

    Quite possibly the best Longmire novel thus far in many respects. I'll admit the mystery itself wasn't the most intriguing and the mood of this story seemed somehow different, lighter maybe than past books. You can read the plot description elsewhere; set away from their home turf allowed Craig Johnson to focus on Walt, Henry and to a lesser degree undersherrif Vic Morretti without the distractions of the other series regulars. I enjoyed the fact that this may be the first story where Walt does NOT have experiences with the spirit world and interactions with dead Native Americans. Also, Walt even admits that he's "getting old" so finally no unrealistic mega-brawls, knife fights, near death experiences by drowning, falling down mountains, etc., and shootings. In prior tales the sherrif endured the kind of pain and punishment that would tax a superhero. Walt and Henry are Vietnam vets so have to be pushing 70 years old, to that end it was also a nice break that his May/December (not to mention unprofessional) romance with Vic was not part of the action this outing either. The gang does get away with a ton of illegal activities outside their jurisdiction with nothing more than a talking to from the local law enforcement folks. Vic breaks about every moving violation code in the books with a rented muscle car without consequence, she also enters a skeet shooting competition never having participated in the sport before and beats a field of accomplished champions...I don't think so. Aging Henry races in a motorcycle hill climbing event he won back in the 60's and what do you know, he wins again! The narrative of this tale emphasizes to the extreme the physical size and power of Henry Standing Bear, for those fans of the TV Longmire, contrast this to the miscast Lou Diamond Phillips and tell me the show producers didn't blow it. The title of the book comes from a quote from a Sherlock Holmes story which Henry is reading and there are many more Holmesian quotes for Arthur Conan Doyle fans along with many other literary references that seemed more like Spenser than Longmire. Complaints aside though An Obvious Fact was an enjoyable read with some great dialog and is another worthy addition to the Longmire saga.

  • Amazon Customer - So far so good. Only used about two weeks and can see ...

    So far so good.Only used about two weeks and can see a difference in my hair..I would recommend to other people.

  • Fred. K. - Pcat

    I have the Kaplan review and decided to order this book as additional material to study. I would say that this book is a lot better and easier to fallow.

  • braveskimom - Quickly and Effectively Narrow the College Search

    So many colleges, so many guides. How is a parent to choose which fat paperback to buy? Easy. Your friend, who has older kids that have successfully launched the nest, tells you "Get the Fiske Guide." And good advice it's been. Including approximately 325 of the most "selective and interesting" colleges and universities in the US and UK, this guide features tidbits from current students, as well as insight into each school's strengths and weaknesses. An easy five point rating system ranks academics, social life and quality of life.