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  • ClinicMind Mental Health Software - Patient Scheduling Workflow - - ClinicMind Mental Health Software Introduces Patient Scheduling Workflow Automation.
  • Nothing Assuring about Health Insurers - - If the health care reimbursement process was a seamless one, then perhaps these numbers wouldn't leave such a horrible taste in my mouth.
  • Update on Meaningful Use - - CMS released a new proposed ruling regarding the Meaningful Use timeline. The new time frame would allow providers to attest for Meaningful Use this year.
  • ICD-10: Ignorance is Not Bliss - Part 2 - - When it comes to ICD-10, Ignorance is Not Bliss. It is essential that you and your staff obtain adequate training on ICD-10.
  • ICD-10: Ignorance is Not Bliss - Part 1 - - Practices that have not focused on and learned ICD-10 will be struggling to keep up after mandatory ICD-10 implementation kicks in on October 1st, 2014.
  • I’m a Doctor. I treat Patients. Knowing ICD-10 codes is the Coder's Job! - - Physicians need to learn ICD-10, but in a different fashion from their office staff.

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  • Katie McEnery - Phenomenal cuatomer care and product

    Customer care is phenomenal, and the product is excellent. I think it looks very neat on the wrist, app is very easy to use and set up. Their 7minute workout has me doing something everyday. Couldn't recommend the product or the company enough.

  • Bryan B - If you're a med student and don't know about first ...

    If you're a med student and don't know about first aid then I feel sorry for you. Seriously, just buy this. The 2016 one will be out in time for your board crunch time studying but for now use this as a tool to add some extra info into your classes and get some boards prep done early. You'll thank yourself later.

  • Denver Girl - Save your money

    I was a sucker..fell for the infomercial and spent a ton of money.The Cold Plasma D completely burned my neck. I should have sent it back ,but thought things would improve once my skin got used to the new product. Called to cancel, but was told I still owed several months payments. I don't even want to know the exact amount of money I spent.

  • Maria Ollis - POPSCI

    4 stars. Just took a little long to download. Otherwise a great fit for your tablet. Graphics on HD tablets are amazing.

  • Akasha312 - I absolutely love the viva naturals aromatherapy diffuser

    I absolutely love the viva naturals aromatherapy diffuser. The neat thing is it changes colors or you can stop it on a specific color. You put 100ml of water into the oil tank and add 4-6 drop of essential oil to it ( I put 2 drops in it so the smell isn't too overpowering) I have been using sweet dreams oil in my baby nursery to help soothe my cranky babies, it really does help they sleep longer and sounder than they used to. You can set it for a constant mist or 30 second bursts of mist.

  • Misty Jordan - One of the best purchases I HAVE EVER MADE!... do YOUR HOMEWORK

    OH! One of the best purchases I HAVE EVER MADE! Gets rid of dark spots and scars, keeps you healthy, especially skin and kidneys. I gave to someone close to me, in my life that has a problem with alcohol, and BTW, it kicked him/ her straight sober within 20 mins, so I am sure, SURE it IS quite detoxifying. That being said, if you HAVE to take any medications, either do this later, or after antibiotics. Do your homework before taking. Take as directed. Do not expect any meds to work if this is in your system. ONLY TAKE WITH PURIFIED OR DISTILLED WATER.