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  • David and Stephanie Morgan - Great fridge water filter

    I ordered the Crystala Frigidaire WF3CB Pure Source 3 replacement filter. . I ordered the Frigidaire WF3CB pure source 3 water filter replacement from Crystala Filters because we had a filter in our refrigerator that was well outdated and our water coming out of the fridge took forever and we thought that if we replaced the filter in the fridge that the fridge water would come out well again. When I got the filter I tried to install it and I could not get the filter to lock into my fridge. I began to get very frustrated since it is just a water filter and it isn’t that hard to figure out but I stopped and took a deep breath and then tried again this time pushing the filter in ever so slowly until I heard a click and then slowly let off on the filter. Well I tried this and immediately the problem was solved. I started to run the water and the first two seconds I didn’t notice a change but then all of the sudden my water just starting spraying faster and faster. Now I can actually fill a glass of water in less than the previous filters 10 minutes. Crystala Filters did a great job creating an alternative to buying an expensive Pure Source brand name filter. The filter is working great and my water tastes great. I recommend Crystala Filters to anyone buying a new fridge filter.

  • Daniel J. Debeer - bad nails: ( my dermatologist says its inherent

    bought 2 bottles... my fingernails are slightly concaving and a bit brittle.. my toenails ridge and crack in the middle.. bad nails:( my dermatologist says its inherent, not fungus or mineral deficiency.. I didn't notice any positive results from this product.. I may try diatomaceous earth next.

  • M. Fig - Great Product!

    My washer has a clean setting and this is the brand recommended. They work great. Take the odor right out of my washer. I went a long time without running the clean cycle WITH the affresh and one day I noticed a very strong odor. I popped the sample in that came with my washer and the odor was gone. Then I found this pack on Amazon and made sure to buy them so I'd have them on hand. You are supposed to run it once a month but I just wait for the first hint of odor.