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  • Matthew J. Liptak - Set up was a bit complicated with a Fios Router but once it was up and running it blasts out a nice signal throughout the house

    Bought this item because I was sick of dead zones throughout the house my WiFi range extender just was not getting it done. This item is a bit pricey but it looked like it would be worth having Tri-Band throughout the house. The set up started off easy but this is not a plug and play item with a Fios Quantum high speed router. Sure you can plug it into the router and you will see a signal and it will start to play nice but what happens is it conflicts with the Fios WiFi signal and you will have to go hunting around the web to find a forum post showing just how to turn off your Fios WiFi signal and set up Orbi to take over as your primary WiFi signal. After finagling with the admin settings for both, I got it working and now it is up and running. It does blast a pretty strong signal throughout the entire house except it won't reach my camera on my garage so I had to reinstall my WiFi extender for that device. I have noticed a few drops here and there in the signal but in all this seems like it will work great and eventually I can add more satellite units throughout the house if needed.

  • Susan - Eye Drops

    My family suffer from dry eyes and this product was recommended by my ophthalmologist. It is cheaper to buy through Amazon. The product is gentle and gives the relief expected no matter how often it is used throughout the day.

  • Wendy :) - So far, really not impressed with this!

    It's sitting right next to my router, yet has trouble connecting (nothing else that I run ever has trouble connecting.) When it did connect for a few minutes I tried to toss a treat and it put way too many in the chute and they only shot about 6" out of the tube. I think for the money paid for this we should have received a sample bag of treats so we know what size is correct.

  • Nick Illario - If I had to list the five most important things ...

    If I had to list the five most important things in my life they would be: America, my mom, guns, big breasted women, and Trioxalin. No more questions.

  • Alison L. Lane - We recommend this program to everyone!

    This is the plan that kick started our weight loss and healthy eating. Months later we are remain down in weight and still enjoy our breakfast shakes. The first 3 days were tough as we detoxed off caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, but now we are in a healthier place and understand our bodies better. My husband has done so well, his doctor lowered his cholesterol medicine and may take him off completely!!! We recommend this program to everyone!

  • Dominic Antonacci - Good translation, but links to notes could be improved

    It's the New American Bible, so the translation is fine. I've knocked off two stars for the usability. It seems like it was designed for an earlier form of the Kindle, so it doesn't navigate as nicely as other books that I have. That said, I really enjoy having this translation on my Kindle, especially when I'm travelling.

  • Tyrell Midland - Great mouse pad at a great price.

    This mouse pad is actually far superior to my previous mouse pad. I used to think that one pad is as good as the next, however, this has exceeded my expectations greatly. The mouse glides easily across it, the mouse pointer never jumps/stutters, it's large enough that no matter what I'm doing or what speed I'm moving the mouse, I never run out of real estate and have to lift the mouse, preposition and have to start moving again.